1. People shitting on Monaco don’t get that the real race is on Saturday, and I for one like that there’s a race that’s so different and challenging in a different form that the usual. Hope it stays forever.

  2. Yeah much more about the car and the driver's ability to go to the absolute limit to get every millisecond possible in qualifying

  3. Had everything but NE and E and had to come here for hints. Never heard of INAPET before and TOPE was useful for today's Spelling Bee

  4. Una cosa de la UE es que si no hay una embajada de España, puedes ir a cualquier otro país miembro para servicios consulares.

  5. Why is Greece so low? From my understanding, they are ungrateful. Get in country collapsing debt, get saved by the EU, be angry. I’m sure I’m missing something. Portugal has improved in the EU and they seem happy.

  6. They see the EU as having been the ones to enforce the austerity since in the past they would have handled those spending cuts required by reality by massive inflation which for most people hurts a lot less. It's not totally irrational since just from a mechanics of business standpoint, it's easier raise salaries way under inflation than it is to cut people's salaries from a contractual point of view.

  7. This isn’t really a good defence for them ngl. Makes them seem both uneducated and ungrateful. Maybe that’s just the truth, I really don’t know anything about Greece. I get not wanting to be apart of the eu, just not really for Greece.

  8. It's not a great defense. It's emotional rather than rational. But politics works that way.

  9. Many of these werent during f1, it looks even better of you only consider f1 accidents, bianci was the only one after senna in 1994.

  10. Yeah, an F1 driver killed going 100kph in a Chrysler Voyager seems a very unfitting death.

  11. I’m a bit confused. As I’ve understood it, the personal a is used before human or humanized direct objects. “No conozco a él”

  12. No there is the direct object. The thing is the directionality is different in Spanish. It's not the word 'like'. Basically think of it as the verb "to please". In English it would be 'the house pleases me'

  13. Iberojet flies from T4S which is the much nicer terminal at least.

  14. So because it's Spirit, I'm assuming a single ticket with the layover in FLL. That would mean going from any US airport you wouldn't need to get your bags on the way there, but on the way back you always have to collect your luggage at the first port of entry into the US. So that would mean getting the bags at Fort Lauderdale and checking them in again.

  15. What is this saying from originally? I first heard it in the movie “Garden State” and wonder if something else had it too

  16. It's a joke I've heard my whole life. No idea where it's from though.

  17. A popular actor at the time, John Wilkes Booth, first coined it I believe.

  18. Todos que no quieren eso (me incluyo) tienen una simple opción vivir allí. No me cabrea que otros quieran otra cosa.

  19. Spain did equally as good as Germany during their game, that's why they tied? They also did fa R better against Costa Rica than Germany did and made the same blunders Germany did against Japan. I don't see how that equates to Germany playing better in more games.

  20. Yeah, I don't get how nobody is taking the lesson that Japan might be legitimately good.

  21. Eh, both are fine. Soccer is from slang in England regardless and was common to refer to the sport for awhile even there. "Soccer" isn't just an American thing. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa all generally use Soccer.

  22. Lack of education and socialization for children, especially those aged 13/14 who are currently in their freshman year of highschool. I cannot stress enough how unintelligent my 11th grade year classmates are, this freshman class is the worst anyone has seen because they never got the crucial development years needed to actually grow as a person in middle school, my fourth grade cousin can’t read more than four character words, etc. Some kids here didn’t have wifi, so they missed out entirely on a whole year, and some whole counties didn’t have the funding to properly equip everyone with their school issued Chromebooks at all.

  23. Closing schools was such a bad move. Reddit is always wanting the US to be like Sweden, but only the parts that confirm their priors.

  24. But Sweden did terribly from a deaths perspective over the pandemic.

  25. That's fine, but then stop using them as an example for everything.

  26. There are generally accepted practices and things can be tricky but it generally needs to stay in the same part of speech. This puzzle was clearly poorly edited with a couple of major factual errors, too.

  27. I didn't hate solving the puzzle and also made quick work of it. Yet I solved it mostly through the longer answers and proper nouns that I happened to know, so skipped over the worst of the fill, I think. Upon reading the comments here, I think the criticism is completely justified!

  28. Victoria's neighbor would be a good clue that's still difficult as I doubt most Americans know the Australian states.

  29. It's like an 's' but with the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth.

  30. So my nit is the word UPSTATE I've only ever heard of in reference to New York. It's a very New Yorker clue thinking everyone talks like them.

  31. Pin ETA onto leftists is a bit wrong. Political alignment of a terrorist organisation don't make every left leaning person a terrorist.

  32. I am not saying all leftists, I'm saying the history of terrorism in Spain tends to be mostly from the left. Mostly because the right had the power of the state.

  33. No doubt that ETA "beats" them all, but Spain also has had a bunch of right-wing terrorist organizations (Triple A, ATE, GAE, BVE, Cristo Rey, etc.) with a non-insignificant death toll of 15-40 people.

  34. Of course but there's s lot of motivated reasoning going on here that's basically 'must be from the right because they're the baddies'. If you just say insane anti-nato. Most people will immediately think it's leftists. Just kinda how it is.

  35. Is there a reason why they didn’t sing along?

  36. The Spanish food I saw in Japan actually looked amazing. And I'm from Spain.

  37. I think in a way his past success has damaged his brain a little. Why would he think this twitter thing wouldn’t be a success? He has a track record of major successes, whether or not people agree on how much those are a result of him is irrelevant. Those companies have made real impacts on the world. I would think if I were him I would have a hard time not developing a kind of messiah complex.

  38. I mean, I think there's definitely an issue. My big thing is with The Boring Company, his venture into tunneling.

  39. It's definitely possible to both admire his achievements and dislike him. His desire to be liked and thought of as cool seems to be negatively influencing his actions. The hysterically negative response by liberals as well as the response by the ass-kissers is making it worse. The Twitter posts are reaching critical levels of cringe.

  40. Heh, reminds me of how I have just never even had the desire to watch Rick and Morty because of how "reddit" the fans are.

  41. If you don't have Global Entry, then download and use Mobile Passport, will save you time

  42. It's not really used anymore, but they are using biometrics for US citizens and apparently even non-GE lines are moving pretty quick.

  43. what? MPC is most definitely still used. biometrics for US Citizens are always used because it's encoded in your passport.


  45. Is that the price for both or per person? Good deal if it's both. High, but not insane if it's per person, but definitely wait and look for other cities to leave from.

  46. Tengo entendido que habia incluso un sector dentro de ETA que no estaba de acuerdo con el terrorismo y el modo de proceder

  47. Dentro del nacionalismo vasco, claro que existe una mayoría pacífica. Pero dentro de ETA, no. Su movimiento entero fue basada en la violencia.

  48. I wonder why airlines lounges in Asia and the Middle East are much less crowded than their European/North American counterparts.

  49. The US generally gives access with credit card offers but in Europe, at least for the airline owned lounges, you generally need to have frequent flyer status.

  50. No longer have access but the Qantas first class lounge at LAX is pretty damned good.

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