1. Have you not been watching? The dudes ERA coming into today, for the month of June, is like in the mid-2’s. And he’s pitched against New York, Toronto and Boston this month. GTFO.

  2. They probably actually haven’t been watching. People love to talk about shit they have no idea about

  3. Beau’s getting absolutely tagged right now, might wanna get somebody up

  4. I think he’s best as a secondary scorer and the primary playmaker on a legit contending team.

  5. This is just my opinion, but I watched every game Cade played this year and I would argue his scoring is underrated and his playmaking is overrated right now. He’s still pretty turnover prone and while his vision is generally good, he makes lazy passes fairly often. Meanwhile, despite shooting pretty inefficiently, he still put up a consistent 21-23 PPG in the second half. If he starts shooting even a little better, he’s absolutely capable of being a 1a option on a contender later on in his development imo.

  6. I’m not a Marlins fan just watching this game. Man Garrett Cooper is still super underrated, dude has just raked for years now

  7. Lol thought you made someone up then was like oh its the French kid we drafted but turns out it's a different French kid

  8. Nah we drafted an Italian kid unless you’re talking about Killian lol

  9. That second AB from Soto… if he can locate sliders to lefties he’s literally unhittable

  10. Lol they gave Riley’s 91 OVR diamond dynasty card in The Show only 47 speed.

  11. He’s currently in the 25th percentile in sprint speed so that might be generous

  12. yea for example in the nfl kyler murray deleted all his shit in order to put more pressure on the owners to force a contract extension , he still showed up for OTA's, they all do it when contract talks are open .

  13. There’s a difference… one was under contract and one is becoming a FA. I get he’s an RFA but still.

  14. That’s Detroit’s music, Detroit building a good ass team.

  15. No, if you think teams are “scared of euro players because they don’t scout them”.

  16. Then please tell me why the Suns and Kings and Hawks didn’t want him. It’s very well documented that NBA scouts don’t put as much effort in to scouting young euro-league guys.

  17. Didn’t he put up a triple double? It might’ve been “empty stats” but, trash players don’t put up triple doubles. Not ever in their career.

  18. Yeah, I’m probably just surrounding the team with shooting and rolling with the young group. They’ll have a fuck ton of cap next year too.

  19. None of us were in the locker room so I don't think we can speculate on what kind of presence Jerami had. All I saw from him was ISO ISO ISO ISO ISO. Besides we still have vets like Joseph.

  20. This fanbase has a tendency to limit a good player’s efforts to their rather minuscule faults.

  21. We need to be bad (and probably will be) for at least one more year. At least give ourselves a chance of getting a guy like Wemby or Scoot, but even if not, a high pick would just be so beneficial to this rebuild.

  22. Not talking about the team meeting they had during the Texas series.

  23. O’s seem to be taking next steps from rebuild into contending

  24. Edwards also said Ivey wasn’t high on Pistons board a few week ago

  25. The funny part is that could easily have been leaked from the organization to make the Kings not want to trade down to 6 to get Murray

  26. Completely off topic but why does the scorebug have the Tigers logo in bright red?

  27. Some things deserve their own thread IMO and this is one of them.

  28. Mods will probably take it down because of the “duplicate posts” rule sadly

  29. It’s just a card that says defensive positionings for specific hitters/pitchers, but also sometimes it is used to change positioning based on count or game situation as well.

  30. Well in this scenario he would indeed be the victim...

  31. Lmao people on this website think calling someone a name is grounds for being beaten

  32. I mean it’s all but certain one or more of Cade/Ivey/Bey would go in that deal, plus probably 4-6 FRPs. It’s a massive swing to make for an aging player who has had serious injuries, no matter how good he is.

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