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  1. Have you checked the account numbers match? Maybe you have two accounts and need to join them

  2. The account numbers match, but according to another user I just have to be patient

  3. Crime continues. Until the tipping point of losing trust is reached and the cleansing process can start.

  4. Trust? There is no trust, there never was. Everyone knows banks and wall street are corrupt, and those who can do anything about it are either corrupt or too heavily invested in the power structure so they fear change. Wall Street is only held together by greed and fear of backstabbing. It's when the sharks start frenzy eating each other - that's the tipping point

  5. Maybe the US is different. Most people over here agree that Wall St is a snake pit

  6. spend a cool $1 milly everyday and would take 222,000 years to spend it all!?! woah 😳

  7. If the pensions funds could use 1% of the global world production each year to pay back these debts, it would still take a century to do.

  8. I feel like this is really the point, genuine people dying poor after a lifetime of work. What's the fucking point

  9. I’m in a quiet bar and exclaimed “ooooooooo he’s pretty!!!” louder than I should.

  10. always wondered, is there a phrase for when you lean too far forward and the tip of the ‘ol disco stick takes an unwanted dip? hate those toilets with really high water

  11. Spleen is linked to intention, Yi. Liver is linked to expression, Hun but also the free movement of energy and motion. Align your movements with your intention. Dive into the relationship. Feel how your intention and your movements relate.

  12. what do riders of this attraction and the people who built this attraction have in common?

  13. Pick it up and eat it. Job's done. They'll never ask you for anything again

  14. I don’t think sucking shit from the bosses ass gets as many as far as nepotism does.

  15. Can someone make board where a piece has a lighter(igniter) and see if chessvision bot will checkmate on C4 or checkmate on another place. Let's see if it can sense danger.

  16. C4 doesn't explode because of fire. It requires electrical impulse. Mythbusters did this one

  17. Was this about the soldiers who where cooking on C4? That was lit.

  18. The volume comes from institutions.

  19. No, the volume comes from high frequency trading and synthetics from market maker exceptions to regSho

  20. I mentioned this in another thread, but I'll mention here too.

  21. Here we go what? Still waiting on the Evergrande fall out to make an impact. Realistically its all so rigged none of this matters.

  22. Ah how can I forget the God Tier DD! I don't think ill be able to give it justice with screenshots so will leave it in one piece. Can someone link it?

  23. Dude, why is CS asking for security questions? How do I request help with unlocking my account if I don’t know my account number?

  24. Idk dude. I just type in my login and my phone does the rest.

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