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  1. It is funny how at least here whatever it is in a tea bag is called tea. Mint tea. Herbal tea. Sleepy tea. Regardless of if it has tea leaves in it.

  2. Tisane is the old word, rarely used these days. Herbal "tea" and sometimes infusions are the terms used more often, now

  3. I am Canadian. I have seen a number of FTrudeau bumper stickers but other than that I never see anything approaching the US. Never seen head to toe Poilievre hats, shirts, pants, signs by the hundreds. Not even at the big rallies. Never seen pictures of him or any other politician plastered up in cubicles in offices. I can drive up and down streets here all day and not see a house covered in political signs. Likewise I have never seen mobs in the US in Boris hats and Tshirts. There are politics everywhere, but I maintain the US takes it to a new level.

  4. That story is so weird to me, the organization stories, just bonkers

  5. Apparently the girls thought he was the "hot teacher", and he was just as much of a huge colossal asshole back then as he was now.

  6. It's kind of hilarious how every time this convo comes up, the unspoken assumption is these 19-25 year old women are literally children who can not consent and have literally no agency. It's so infantilizing & gross.

  7. She just graduated high school. Put it in perspective

  8. Money is paper, and I like money. So utz tastes like money and I guess I have no choice but to like them

  9. What time is our boy on? Everything just says "midday"

  10. This isn't about capitalism, it's about racism and genocide

  11. They also brought picnics to watch the lynchings, sometimes cutting off pieces to keep as souvenirs.

  12. You should really look up the etymology of the word picnic

  13. Saudi announced offering help two hours ago

  14. I never feel full, idk if itโ€™s a medical problem but I donโ€™t

  15. Itโ€™s a cutout in the box to put your fingers in to lift it.

  16. Putting your fingers in the box doesn't make this package any better

  17. So, tge balloon is just drifting and not controlled in any way? Because people are acting like the Chinese government is flying it over specific targets

  18. Once, there weren't even answering machines. Or, pagers

  19. Not if they have high backs. Too difficult to cut all the seatbelts in a serious emergency ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  20. Free market. I moved out of there when I could. For fun, compare their property taxes too. My $20,k trailer without land was more than my mom's 2200 sq ft house in another state. Should have let Texas succeed.

  21. I mean, why did he tweet it the exact day before FOMC then. And why did he delete the tweet after the market pumps? Cleary heโ€™s either regarded, or just attention seeking.Also deleted his account.

  22. It used to be a lot cheaper, lift prices and rentals have way outpaced inflation. Tickets that are $170 now were like $25 when I was a kid in the late 1990s.

  23. That wasn't cheap for a low income family at that time

  24. I always have to double take these posts growing up a place where skiing is cheap and normal

  25. Ski equipment is not cheap. Neither are pants and jackets that don't soak through. Neither is heating a home so you're not cold all night.

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