1. Shipment is the worst map. Hands down. It always will be. It’s mindless. You spawn in front of someone. Next death you spawn behind that person. Kill streaks make it near unplayable. Its depressing this map continues to show up simply for the slack jawed Xx420_FaZe crowd who prides themselves on going 40 and 70 on shipment.

  2. I like Shipment, it's a really fun map to play on sometimes. What I don't like are the Shipment fanboys who criticize all the new maps with ridiculous arguments.

  3. Cod is literally THE FPS franchise for those that want fast paced chaotic action, it’s why it became so popular. The pace isn’t just the size of the maps but also game design, removal of red dots and dead silence has slowed the game pace from previous Cods. Red dots acted as a magnet to draw people towards each other for gunfights. Couple that with IW’s map design philosophy of overly complicated maps with roofs and cover everywhere and you get a slow “campy” game pace. People just want to have fun shooting things, which is what this franchise is known for.

  4. What was your first COD? AW or BO3? Because I guarantee you didn't play the CODs from the golden era where maps were generally 2x larger. And honestly, the game has UAV activated most of the time, this red dot thing doesn't really make sense. Regarding the overly complicated maps, again, you haven't played any old CODs. All the maps from MW2009 have more complexity than those in MW22.

  5. New map is pretty cool, but it’s not a close quarters map.

  6. Can you imagine spending $70 on a game that you dislike every single part of except for 1 very specific limited time mode and map?

  7. They ARE TOO BIG for a cod as slow paced as this one. Big maps only worked in the past because they had good flow and everything else was faster like sprint out time, ads and strafe speed. People weren’t punished for moving around quickly. In fact it was encouraged. Without those things big maps simply don’t work well.

  8. I disagree with that. Take Valderas for example, you gotta search nonstop for people and it’s annoying. I’m totally cool with wanting like a more laid back play style per se, but i wish they would add more maps like shipment for us too. I’m glad you like the new maps though, i just wish there was a little more for every kind of player

  9. The enemies are usually in the walkway area. There is no difficulty in locating them

  10. I just don’t want to run for 5 min in a huge map.

  11. I mean, im not big cod player at all, i bought the game to literally play on shipment and shoot house, because i dont like other maps, because they are shit in my opinion. I love few maps from 2019 MW, but not this time.

  12. I should probably give ground war another chance.

  13. Ground war on Al Malik Airport is a different game. Changing from being sniped from every degree of your FOV by people you can't see, to having actual frontlines made me want to play this mode again, and my k/d went up because matches on this map are more fair.

  14. The Helo is what makes Ground War fun. If you don't like it, just go play Invasion.

  15. "which leads ot people just sitting in cheese spots until they inevitably get hit with a throwing knife"

  16. The new airport map is hands down the best ground war map, followed by sa’id, then observatory. Taraq is marginal but seña and sariff bay are awful. Sariff bay is probably the worst map in the game, maybe even the franchise. I back out of that map 100% of the time. Its such shame too because I loved mw2019s ground war but some how they brought over the worst map design decisions from 2019’s ground war. People hated the verticality in the maps so bad in 2019 they had to actually change them post launch. What did they do in 2022. Make maps with a ton of verticality. Add on the terrible perk system and its hard not to feel like some of this is spite sometimes.

  17. I wish I were able to find GW lobbies. Seems like no one plays the game mode cross play off anymore.

  18. I wish they hadn’t because the chaos was fun from time to time. Although I liked other core modes much more. Also leveling guns was easy.

  19. It’s not big? There’s a whole ass garden that is almost as big as shipment that nobody goes to unless there’s a hardpoint there. That’s useless unnecessary space that could be trimmed down.

  20. Shipment players playing anything bigger than shoothouse 😧😧😧

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