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  1. Sadly there weren't many sales. Oh well, maybe it ll pick up later.

  2. Who knows might have an explosion later (like amoung us did)

  3. Make sure the app has run updates on both devices.

  4. You tried turning them off completely, waiting about 30 seconds and turning them on?

  5. Okay so you want to peel about 3 oranges quartered a mason jar and some grey goose vodka (or you can buy flavored, another mason jar, get goose and at least 10 sticks of cinnamon (or just use fireball), and a lighter ginger ale like Seagrams. One mason jar with oranges the other with cinnamon fill remainder with vodka, cap, wait at least a week.

  6. So silly is a bit subjective. Glover was and odd game but there was another that was really odd and silly for playstation called stretch panic

  7. The history of it, a beautiful yet harsh place. Able to withstand conquer on one front to be taken on another but to heavily influence the empire that took it.

  8. While I could go on for hours about Genghis Khan or the history of English language I'm going to keep it short with this post.

  9. There is a gene to change eye color, a gene to change hair color, there by golly is a gene to change skin color. There is a gene for Asian rosacea, a gene for muscle strength and durability (actually a few for both), there is a gene that malforms for mental diseases (particularly down syndrome). All this to say why the hell would DNA not be linked to those two? Dr. Watson is a gene -ius and shouldn't be ousted because others are stupid and unwilling to face facts. In most cases I find this quote to be stupid because it is used wrong but "follow the science". Goodness this era is going to hell

  10. I'm Irish but i look more polish, some traits win out more. Can judge a book...

  11. I thought that was her lucky clover because she’s from Europe and Ireland is in Europe lol. But and honestly I thought that meant she was lucky .

  12. folders are truly a godsend, the only issue is WHY CANT WE ADD A COVER PICTURE😢

  13. Right? I was so happy when they put folders in made organization far easier

  14. I think he added in clothing time. At least you can have a quickie.

  15. I have both and tbh dredge is just more fun, teleporting allows you to move quickly across the map and check gens (gens usually have some lockers nearby) and you can cut off survivors in chases. You can also jumpscare them sometimes. Nightfall is also pretty cool to detect survivors

  16. Paragraph 1 sentence 2 is why I love playing against a good dredge. As my first intro to him was a 'pop goes the weasel gotcha b****' moment.

  17. Dredge is an odd choice for a waifu but I won't shame your kink 😆

  18. Oh so much to choose from but probably half elf samurai archer

  19. Also it was a time when mercury, lead, and other toxic chemicals were in makeup

  20. 'Round here they just say "Gringo".

  21. I mean that is correct in a sense, except for the white natives. Only works if the one they talk of is not native Latino.

  22. I am not sure what she is talking about?

  23. It's a game of theoretical. (S)he is a (physical beauty rating scale 1-10 according to world pop standards) but (list a good or bad quality). Then the person this statement is posed to will give what they deem the theoretical person on a scale of 1-10.

  24. I thought its a porn ad when i saw a notification

  25. It's sad, that is what I was think when I posted it. "Hope they don't think it's porn."

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