1. It looks like they were extremely lucky that piece of rock or debris hit the tree and not them.

  2. I think those profiles belonged to that Nick guy. He later went in and deleted them. I also think Nick is gay and had a crush on Josh. I think thats what people heard them arguing about. Nick left Katie's around the same time Josh left the party. It's wired, he took 1 hour to walk a 7 minute walk. Also Nick saying he kissed Katie a couple of times but did not feel anything is an alarm bell..typical undercover gay guy, trying to throw people off. I am gay and around the same age as these guys. Back around 2000 it was difficult to come out as gay at uni, so I would fake date girls to show I was one of the guys.

  3. I think Nick had more to do with this too. When they were draining the lake he had a huge smile on his face. If you thought they were about to expose your best friends body wouldn’t you be anxious and sad? Or if you knew they weren’t going to find anything, you might have a weird smile on your face. I like your theory that the homosexual profiles are Nicks, the problem with that could be that they were registered under Joshua’s email address and that’s how they actually found them since you have to use an email address to create an account anywhere. If they were Nicks and not Joshua’s, maybe Joshua discovered them and Nick was afraid Joshua was going to expose him? If I were a detective right now, and I wish I were as I love this and want to help these families, I’d be investigating Nicks past for homosexual activity. I have a theory that Joshua and Nick hooked up. Maybe they were hammered when it happened? When Joshua seen how close Nick and the girl were getting, it bothered him enough to ask Nick if he had told her he liked men? Again, Nick feels like he’s going to be exposed. Motive. The biggest red flag for me about Nick, was the fact the he said Joshua was writing an article on the monks and no evidence of that was found. Misdirection is a natural instinct of a criminal and a killer without them even realizing it. That statement sent all sorts of red flags up with me after watching and studying hundreds of murder cases. A little hint in the wrong direction can go a long way, or it could get you caught really quickly! Another angle, if those profiles were 100% Joshua’s, and he’s catfishing trying to get the attention of a male, then he hears that there’s likely monks on campus who are interested in young males, maybe he sought out and found one that was giving him attention but then cut it off with Joshua out of fear after the big story broke. Maybe Joshua couldn’t accept that? Monk has to silence him? Back to the big flag with Nick talking about an article Joshua is writing that turns out there is no proof of, what if Joshua was hanging out with the monks more and created the article cover to keep Nick or his friends from getting suspicious? Most of the time it’s someone close to the victim, it’s also almost an obvious choice but often hard to prove. Nick played a big part in the show I just watched, he laughed a few times and quickly changed his tone like he was thinking I probably shouldn’t have done that. I’m 75% on Nick for this one. 10% monk on campus, 10% internet stranger. 5% another male on campus.

  4. I would, and everyone should, decline a polygraph. At best it directs the attention away from you, and at worst it gives false results and it confuses the whole investigation. As he mentioned, they're not admissible in court as evidence and there's a good reason for that.

  5. Americans are under a spell and they are divided, not united thanks to TV programming, social media, brainwash.

  6. Yep, the CNN and Fox News propaganda machines have tried their hardest to destroy this country for their 2 chitty parties

  7. This is probably the beginning of the end for our sun. It’s a ball of gas that has to eventually run out. I can imagine one of these hundreds of times bigger pulling all that heat and gas out into the colds surrounding space creating a rapidly expanding vacuum that can’t be stopped until the suns gas explodes out into space and life as we know it will end within a matter of seconds from the neutrinos. Boiling from the inside out would be a horrible way for everyone to go. Maybe the tornadoes are just the beginning of a stellar black hole and the sun going super nova? Sleep well my brothers and sisters

  8. At first I thought something broke on the car, but when I watched it again I noticed the first thud and I think the car clipped the truck just off screen which got him swirly and caused him to hit the truck again.

  9. Definitely not the full version, more like the mini version. Also, I’m pretty sure he asked in sign language using the gun, “is this the firing ra”

  10. Ok, we just got rid of Spectrum Cable and kept Netflix and signed up for YouTube TV like 4 days ago because I watch sports. I think it was 60. What do I need to do to drop them? I still want to watch sports on ESPN ETC

  11. Some videos really shouldn’t be posted without sound. I was ready to jam with the Priest

  12. This house, and many like it in the area, are what is called an A frame. The roof and it's supports and shaped in a way to allow for a lot of snow (more than is seen here) and typically the only thing you have to worry about in these conditions is your chimney getting blocked or bent. Or your pipes freezing, but that's more of a "not at that home" kind of thing.

  13. You think an A frame house can hold the weight of snow that’s 90 plus feet deep? I don’t think they were designed with that in mind my friend. A frames are steep so they will shed snow easily and keep it from building up and getting deep. We’re way way beyond that here. There’s load on that house from every direction.

  14. Apparently they have the ones we’re all after in Lidl car park areas that are barked.

  15. Are there some good ones that grow in barked areas around stores? I’ve seen some in the bark at my local grocery store.

  16. I just read through all of the information here again and I see something that doesn’t add up. They were last seen at 11:45pm at night. Her ex’s alibi was a child’s birthday party 50 miles away. Joe Jr was only 18 months old at the time. How long and how late did he supposedly keep an 18 month old out at a birthday party? The high temperature that day was only 33 with a low of 17.

  17. The main suspect’s dad was a detective for NYPD. He would have no idea about where cameras were to avoid them in Philadelphia. In addition, there’s no database for cops to know where every camera is in a city- the amount of door bell cameras is astronomical now so super unrealistic to think anyone knows how to avoid cameras.

  18. Look up the location on Google maps. As stated, there’s no easy way to go into the river near the bar. And if you’re familiar with the area, the middle of that river turns into New Jersey and it’s only about 60 miles to New York from the bar. So we’re not talking some massive distance of hundreds of miles here.

  19. He’s not telling them anything Google wouldn’t tell them. There are single party consent states. FYI, I’m not an attorney

  20. That's the worst my sister once lost a sewing needle on the carpet and I found it about 2 inches into my foot

  21. I was playing and fell on the carpet when I was about 8-9 years old. I hurt my knee somehow and it hurt to walk for a few days. I was in the path and noticed a bump on that one that hurt when I touched it. I got out of the tub and told my dad about it. He took a pair of fingernail clippers and kept cutting at the skin. Eventually he pulled a whole needle straight out that I can only assume had had one of those colored heads on it that had broken off somewhere in my knee. My knee pain went away after that but it was pretty wild as a child watching that thing be extracted from my knee.

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