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  1. Why would they be setup on your autopay if it was included in your rent? Something sounds off

  2. I just wish they would play that game in the woods amongst the trees, maybe add in a crazy steep hillside, but please, not on the highway amongst innocent people.

  3. It’s a whole new install that would cost them money to do it cheaper in peak season. If you can wait until it cools off, but before it gets cold, maybe they will agree to do it cheaper when it slows down for them? If they won’t I’m sure someone else would and they should also warranty their work. Are you going to cut the hole for the new location or have them do it? When it slows down, and depending on where you’re located, this should be about a $1,500 to $2,000 job in my opinion. Get some quotes, but make sure you use someone who knows what they’re doing.

  4. He clearly wrote that his mom and dad help take care of the dog while he’s out at work during the week.

  5. Helping take care of the dog and letting him out to use the bathroom and putting him back in the crate for another 4 hours could look way different.

  6. I wonder if all the liberals on here enjoyed lying to themselves, because the rest of us know it is lol

  7. Get a job. Save your money. Take your mom on a nice vacation to Mexico. Throw her passport in the trash. Come home.

  8. Make a YouTube video documenting everything you just said here. Title it WHY YOU SHOULD NOT DO BUSINESS with Turo! Show the damage and tell your story. Share the link to that video on every Turo forum you can find. Share it with anyone and everyone that will watch it and ask them to share it. Get the view count up! Get the media involved. Local news gets slow, they will come do a story during the week on a slow day. Post and share the news video everywhere too! They will eventually pay you. FYI, I wanted to be an attorney when I was a kid. Good luck!

  9. First bike is a busa? Find someone you would like to bless and make them the beneficiary of your life insurance. Just kidding! Be safe!

  10. Dr’s see so many tattoos that they probably don’t even think to read a tattoo in an emergency. They’re just focused on saving lives

  11. You definitely don’t want them to see your massive 8 monitor day trading setup with live tickers running! She might think you’re going to be busy doing other things while you’re supposed to be working for them.

  12. When I was a 12, my dad went to Vegas for the first time and won 10k playing craps. He came home with that roll of 100’s and we traveled to the beach for vacation almost every weekend that summer. By the time I was old enough to run his business, he was going somewhere to gamble about once every two months. And he would call me constantly when he was there to wire him more money. Usually 5k-15k. That first $10k win cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars. He died broke, but he was still the happiest guy you’ve ever met! I hate gambling though! I’ve flown into Vegas twice in the last 6 months and I’ve yet to play $1 out there.

  13. Uh oh you mentioned pit bulls on Reddit, get ready for mouth breathers screaming about “dumb Shit bulls” who suddenly go silent or resort to name calling when you point to actual peer reviewed statistics and they are wrong.

  14. I will be able to pull my kids off if you before they open up one of your arteries and you bleed out. I also carry in case of a pitt attacking anyone

  15. If OP is smart, he refuses the loan and apologizes to the mods. Borrowing money to gamble with is not smart.

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