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  1. Either Fabelmans, or I'm a Bridge of Spies stan. Its a close 3rd though

  2. The Enemy by Charlie Higson?

  3. I thought about this one too, but it doesn't fit his criteria. He said the kids are the zombies, where as in the enemy the adults are all zombies, and kids are fine.

  4. I'm no expert on the law, and ultimately I don't care because I've played like 10 matches of Overwatch total, but this seems like something people could sue over. Like they bought the game on the promise this was coming, and are they gonna be able to get a refund now? Recently the movie 'Yesterday' was sued because they put an actress in the trailer, and then when the movie came out she had been edited out, and a group of people sued the studio for false advertisement. This seems like similar grounds. I'm sure plenty of people bought the game with the promise that this was coming eventually.

  5. I think only Public Enemies episode is incomplete because audio loss (pretty short as a result), the rest should be ok. Definitely check again

  6. I tried 2x before I made the post. I don't know how to put a screenshot in a reddit comment, but its still short. I downloaded them on spotify, and they are normal, so I guess I'll listen there, but it's weird because I listened to them the first time back in the day on Pocketcast and it was fine.

  7. Is it possible it’s playing from a spot you turned it off previously?

  8. I thought that, but they were only that length, not playing from that length

  9. I think it’s indeed issues with them. I had the same problem and they are speckless like brand new. I forgot about it because I have multiple dvd sets so just chose another set to play the same movie.

  10. Interesting, well at least I know. Thank you.

  11. Just to be sure, have you tried a different player?

  12. Aliens skipped on my ps4 q few years back too, but no problem getting to the menu or anything

  13. Silly question, but it is a party. Will the volume be turned up on these movies or will these be muted in the background and you are looking for something with fun visuals?

  14. We will be watching them, breaks in between, but the attention will be on the movie

  15. I'm 28, but I'm also a huge movie buff so some of these I've at least heard of, but also a lot of newbies as well which is great.

  16. That's the guy that makes no budget homoerotic movies that just end up being mostly shots of ripped shirtless guys running around the forest. Red letter media did an episode on this movie,maybe more of his.

  17. Geez lol thats a lot. I just got told to watch one of his 80s horror shit flicks.

  18. NTA. I wish I had these balls to call someone out on their shit. Sitting next to the only people in a movie theater should be a crime lol. Why go to a movie to be on your phone? Just asshole behavior by them all around. They obviously didn’t care about the movie, but they cared enough to get you kicked out. They’re just ahs.

  19. Ok, so what would you have done if there was at least one more person in the theater? You did mention you are the kind of person that usually tells people to put the phone away.

  20. Exactly I normally tell people to get off their phones so yes I would have still bothered him multiple times about it no matter how many people would have been in the room, the only difference was because I knew they weren't supposed to be in there, I took it a step farther and asked them to leave. I would maybe not asked them to leave if other people had been in there because the difference wouldn't have mattered, but I still would have asked them multiple times to get off the phone. And the only reason i may not have asked them to leave if others had been in there, would have been because even if they left, we still wouldn't have been alone. The difference between being alone if possible, and having to be in there with other people you know shouldn't be in there is a big difference in my opinion. If someone has legitimate tickets they can be wherever they want, I would just hope they wouldn't choose right next to us in an otherwise empty room

  21. Yeah I had mentioned that in my post, or top comment, I forget which, but yeah I know about that, they just charge too much. I went in yesterday and they were charging 7.99 for the VHS of a movie I found for 4.99 on DVD. It wasn't a special movie or anything either

  22. I work at an electronics recycling place and we get them in every once in awhile. If you PM me I’ll remember and message you if we get a decent amount in a box or something. Might be awhile though. I’m setting up a vintage style room in my basement with a CRT a VCR, record player and old school gaming systems so I’ve had my eye out for them anyways.

  23. Do we know why his Twitch stuff has been removed, and he hasn't streamed since December?

  24. YTA. She didn't give it to you. She told you before you had sex. You're the one being pushy about sex. You've only been dating for 2 months! I wouldn't fuck a guy who I'd just met 2 months ago tbh. I also wouldn't tell him my medical history.

  25. I never even hinted at forcing sex on anyone, I said in the comment that I suggested stepping it up at one point and she didn't seem into so I dropped it. And if you read the comment, you'd have seen that we had been talking since July. I am not saying she should have told me day 1. But in my opinion she should have told me around the first couple weeks of official dating, and not while we were lying in bed, but in a setting where we sit down and discuss potential deal breakers, on both sides. Again, I'm not even saying her having it is a deal breaker, I'm asking if it was fair to have waited until after exchanging ILY to tell me something that might discourage a relationship from continuing, until we were already emotionally invested.

  26. So, I'm not going to say your feelings aren't valid, but she didn't manipulate you. There is a huge stigma around std's, she's told you before any kind of sexual contact has happened, and I can understand wanting to wait to see if someone was worth her time before divulging information like that, people can be cruel, I expect in the past she has had some less than stellar reactions to telling people about this, hence her apprehension to doing so.

  27. I have no qualms with her having Herpes, so much as waiting so long to tell me. That can be a deal breaker, and I feel like deal breakers should be addressed before ILYs are exchanged. But you do have good points and I thank you for your insight

  28. Longshot but if you're anywhere near Boston the Coolidge Corner theater is playing a 35mm print of it on 11/26

  29. I am not, Iowa unfortunately. But that sounds awesome.

  30. Not Pointless, but wasted, Tony's PTSD that is set up, and concluded in Iron Man 3. Could have been great if they took their time and played it out over like 2 or 3 movies.

  31. I don't know why, but the thought of James, or Maso, wearing their own merch while recording the pod tickles me.

  32. James in the "I'm fine..?" Tee gives me life

  33. Was there an old woman who lived in the house and accosted the young man? Cause this sounds very familiar, and I think I have seen something like it, but I can’t for the life of me remember. I think MST3k or Rifftrax did an episode of it, which is why I saw it. At the end does she drain the life out of the young man, making him old?

  34. It was A Touch Of Satan. Good call on MST3K thats how I found it.

  35. That sounds super familiar! It's possible it was a MST3K movie

  36. I didn't scroll all the way down, so pardon me if it is a repeat, but the final season of Scrubs, the one where the hospital becomes a school.

  37. Came here to say that. Smile all over my face.

  38. The OG PS4 didn't support 5GHz wifi, only 2.4. The Pro and the Slim do, not sure which you have. But if other people are experiencing this it could be an antenna design issue on the PS5. Mine is about 6 ft away from the access point, so there's very little room for issues there.

  39. Its a normal ps4. Mines across the house, but like I said will look into it. Is there a way to switch it to a 2.4 connection? That would probably be in settings somewhere?

  40. Many Wi-Fi access points have different names for the 5 and 2.4 networks (it's best practice). But yes from the "Set Up Internet Connection" section of the settings, highlight your WiFi network, press Options and select "Wi-Fi Frequency Bands".

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