Brexit is costing the UK economy £100 billion a year

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  1. He's vocal on Twitter about the problems we are facing, the problems he had a huge hand in creating. He's such a fucking dick.

  2. Something tells me when he has a hand in everything going down he had another hand shorting multiple stockmarkets and corporations who would hurt the most from brexit

  3. Obviously you’ve never gotten emotionally confused and hate fucked your enemy, the concept makes more sense if alcohol is involved

  4. “Please hold as our menu has recently changed.”

  5. They both wake up next to five nude sororitas with splitting hangovers, no recollection of what happened the night before

  6. Okay so what they did was technically legal but then there’s this:

  7. Escalate given enough time? These fucks already have escalated to domestic terrorism, this is the same group of people who stormed the capital, these are also probably the same people who have been blowing up transformers, these are the same people who have tried to intimidate voters during election cycles at the booths and sent death threats to the vote counters. They don’t need time for their time is now

  8. Coming from the guys who try to be as edgy as the night lords but fail miserably, the same guys synonymous with the actions “dig a trench” and “siege”

  9. At least now you don’t have to worry about Neptune’s kiss when you drop a load

  10. Nah it’s gunna be Neptune’s vacuum now, kiss those lips as close and tight as possible to the hole, pull the lever and begin to feel gods blessings

  11. Price Choppers is our best bets this would be a got send it you got it

  12. Check your local FB marketplace for a good brand low capacity psu. Maybe eBay. You can probably get a used 600w PSU from Corsair, or Seasonic for pocket change if you shop around.

  13. A: there is no Facebook market for computer shit near me, I live in a very very rural part of new your, there’s more likely to be a tractor market, B I’m absolutely broke, I’ve been out of work for months because I mentioned something to a new manager that was supposed to hear out issues about how the whole staff were victims of wage theft because we were forced to work through lunch or have no lunch without pay which is against the law. There aren’t many jobs in my profession around, especially in winter, so this being dead mean I have nothing

  14. Surprisingly, New York. New York isn’t all metropolitan and suburbs, past Albany, the city, the island, you got everything upstate in the Catskills I believe my county is one of the most repressed counties in the US if I remember correctly, I had to move back home to help my parents with their bills because my fathers bills aren’t high enough to cover things but subsequently are too high for government assistance which would be hilarious if it wasn’t sad. Almost all money I made working as a chef went to them and now with winter here no kitchen wants workers, I have to drive over 45 minutes one way for interviews

  15. Discussing wages is a federally protected right, employers want you ignorant so they can take advantage of you

  16. Sorry to say OP but your mom is brainwashed to be one of the enemy

  17. What? Some 40k fans defend wacko autoiritarian ideologies? That could never happen!


  19. If this is how she acts in public I can only guess that if you did this privately you’re going to be walking away castrated if at all

  20. I mean there’s nothing hotter than being able to grate Romano off a pair of chiseled abs

  21. All the comments are saying it's either staged or justified. SMH, people are insane.

  22. Meanwhile if this was the opposite and it was happening to a Republican the would be calling for the assailants vicious death, you know this is true

  23. The interview process is long and hard though, you’ll be straddling your seat waiting to hear back, so grab a pillow for comfort, assume the position by the phone and strap in for a long wild ride.

  24. It could be any number of reasons. Your gpu might be hitting temps that might not display that trigger the auto shutdown that attempts to save the rest of the system. As another said, PSU. You might be overclocking your system triggering said auto shutdown, etc.

  25. If anything in underclocking this shit, i thought maybe something like that might be happening and I’m able to bring it down so it’s not stressing the systems out but it’s still doing this

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