1. This guy is so weird. He makes these posts almost daily and never explains them

  2. Did you watch the black and white cut? That makes a major difference. The mist has a consistent tone and idea that the ritual completely fucks up when the main guy sucker punched an old lady. The mist is also written and directed by Frank darabont

  3. But it was written and directed by the guy who did fucking Shawshank redemption…. You know… a perfect film? And can you really judge a film unless you’ve seen the best version of it? And I understand he had to do it, but it’s still hilarious and doesn’t fit with the first two acts

  4. How come the “it’s not real life” argument works for the legions rape/slavery, but not for the NCRs taxes?

  5. That argument is for people calling you a bad person for siding with the legion on your 8th playthrough

  6. I’m not calling anyone a bad person, I’m just saying I hear that a lot and it’s weird. People are like: “taxes!? I don’t like the NCR” “Rape? Slavery? What? It’s not real life or anything”

  7. I never said you were. I just told you what that argument is for.

  8. I just think the people who say "gorillaz changed" or "they weren't what they used to be" dont understand that everyone changes, including music. They've been here for 22 years, of course their music wont always been the same, because if it was god knows those same people would complain about how all the music is the same and that they wish it was more experimental or how they're bored of the sound and wish they'd switch it up. You cant please people, especially the ones stuck in the past. And these people, are, stuck in the past. That's the only reason people say it. That's my two cents anyway

  9. Watcher. Not to be confused with THE watcher. It’s on shudder and Amazon I think

  10. I saw the Keanu Reevss movie when I was younger. When Watcher came out there were some serious alarms going off in my head.

  11. What do you mean british version? Are there like two different shows or did they seriously redub the original voices just because of accents?

  12. James Gunn’s Super. I love that movie with all my heart, but I think it’s just too weird for most people

  13. I thought this was satire or fake, but after checking out OP’s account….I think they actually drank it…

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