1. I was told to avoid swimming/sauna for atleast 2 months cause of infections.

  2. I started to work out 5 weeks after my rhinoplasty. Tried it earlier but my nose felt some pressure so I waited a bit longer

  3. I am also 6 weeks post op and there are good and bad days for the swelling.

  4. You need a prescription from a doctor or ask someone to bring it from Turkey.

  5. Also stocked up 6 in turkey when I was there 2 weeks ago :) you can buy it easy over counter

  6. I never liked my nose even in my teens and I wasn't brainwashed then. I am also not brainwashed today, I just like cute small noses and finally I got one :) Always was my dream. Btw the tape turns my tip up even more. In a few months there will be just a small to no upturn.

  7. I am 2 weeks post rhinoplasty and I also gently rub my nose to clean it. Just be gentle. My Dr. told me to be careful with my nose but also that it’s not out of glass.

  8. Can you please share the doctor and the coast of it if you don’t mind

  9. And I still do with just a different shape of my nose. Gotta update in a few months when the shape settled a bit more.

  10. Your result is my dream nose! How are you feeling?

  11. Feeling good. Pain was a joke, thought it would be way harder. Waking up after anastheasia wasn't fun but when i drank and had some food it was so much better already.

  12. I wish we could get micro tret here! I'm just happy it's easy to get the 0.5 cream prescription online but now that this is not an issue anymore I wish we had a choice of different brands/strengths!

  13. Well, my Order got seized. Wow. First Order, Last Order. 50€ for nothing

  14. Oh shit! Did you get a letter saying it was seized or how did that happen? Did you have to pay a fine?

  15. Nothing yet, but it’s in customs since more than 2 weeks and skinorac is saying that once there I wont get it.

  16. I think you should start with 0.05%. 0.1% will give you similar results with way more irritation. That you used differin will make a small difference regarding the level of irritation you can expect but most likely not a huge one - Tretinoin is way more irritating than Differin/Adapalene.

  17. Also keep it simple when you start. Simple cleanser, moisturizer for dry skin, spf. No other actives.

  18. Most likely it’s too high:) but ymvw. I am on the 0.05 cream since beginning and it’s fine. Lately ordered 0.1 micro gel cause i still get ccs (I think it’s the cream) and sometimes small breakouts.

  19. Twice a day if I don’t do sports. If so then 3 times with the La Roche Posay Toleriane Cleanser.

  20. NDA Das klingt für mich ganz nach meiner Mutter. Eine Narzisstin durch und durch. Bei mir half nur ein Kontaktabbruch. Irgendwann konnte ich dieses ganze Schauspiel nicht mehr in meinem Leben haben. Gerne kann sie es bei anderen versuchen aber ich bin durch mit ihr. In der Kindheit sowohl physisch als auch psychisch unter ihr gelitten und als das Thema jetzt im jungen Erwachsenenalter hochkam meint sie, dass ich kein einfaches Kind war und dass alle immer gegen sie sind und es flogen wieder Beleidigungen und Gegenstände obwohl sie sich laut ihrer eigenen Aussage nach so stark gebessert habe. Jaja, die Fassade kann eben nicht dauerhaft aufrecht erhalten werden.

  21. Reading in this sub about tret would help :) It’s the purging stage and kinda normal.

  22. Sandwich method is perfect. Try to increase to everyday before you increase the strength.

  23. I miss k, it’s been too long lol. I’ve never tried it with mdma, bet it’s heavenly.

  24. Ket alone is meh but I wasnt in a hole yet. Ket on MDMA is so nice, extends the high and the comedown is smooth.

  25. One time me (200ug) my boyfriend (150ug) , brother (200ug) and a friend (150ug) planned a trip and it went really bad for me. There were a few things that happened and i never felt that bad. Can't tell you why but it was definitely his bad. I cried nearly daily for a whole week after the trip and the chemistry between me and my boyfriend wasnt the same after.

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