1. For safety reasons I feel like you aren’t going to get many suggestions. There are streetlights on the Mountain Brow trail, but there is no way in hell I would be up there after 5pm these days.

  2. I wouldn't worry about materials or brands, I would just get whatever looks alright and is at a price point that you are willing to spend. Only recommendation that I have is to get one that comes with some sort of metal rod that you can use to poke out any clogs.

  3. I remember a previous article a few weeks back mentioning that the cat was still in the owner's apartment, it was just hiding under his bed.

  4. A Happle only costs around ~$40, while a Hash Kettle is much more expensive at around ~$150. Also a Hash Kettle doesn't look very well suitable for smoking a small "personal" sized hash snake, while a Happle can handle small hash snakes just fine.

  5. I wouldn't spend too much money on upgrades for a daily commuter.

  6. I got mine on Forest City Marijuana. Go to hibuddy.ca and then “Find everything” and type Happle. Here it shows tons of stores carrying it.

  7. What city are you in? If you are in Hamilton, AFFX Cannabis has them for $40.

  8. Are you by Mountain Brow Blvd? The hollow metal railing along the pathway can make a pretty loud humming sound if the wind blows just right.

  9. Did they actually have Crunch chocolate bars in stock normally? It has been years since I seen a Crunch bar for sale anywhere.

  10. I use plain-old paraffin wax with great results. I pull the chain out while the wax is still very hot, and let the excess wax drip off. Waiting for the wax to partly cool before removing the chain from the wax bath isn't really providing a benefit, you don't need that much wax caked inside your chain for it to be a good lubricant.

  11. I have had both Mavic and Planet Bike fingerless gloves, and they both held up fine for the price I paid for them.

  12. You can find a small selection in Nations in Jackson Square.

  13. Is your compression plug snug? I'm kinda thinking you might have a loose compression plug.

  14. I have that exact same book; Marijuana Horticulture The indoor/outdoor medical Grower's Bible, by Jorge Cervantes. I unfortunately did not find a $50 bill in mine :(

  15. Not these. I own a pair that I thought I loved, until I tried to service them after a year of use. You will need to purchase a

  16. So what was the conclusion about all the mold? A few posters had pics up about 2-3 weeks ago noting mold. Was that proven / disproven?

  17. Not mould. Those pictures in that post did not look anything like mould.

  18. Do you have a better lock than that combo cable lock?

  19. Why not try calling up the local Specialized dealers in your area and explain to them the situation? They should be able to look in their past sales and see if they sold that serial # bike. They might not be able to give you the customer's name, email, or phone number, but that store should be able to call up the customer themselves and ask them if they had their bike stolen recently.

  20. It takes so much time to do that. I've done my part, i don't have the time to do this. I'm on a crunch every day i get home.

  21. I mean just the city you are located in. I don't know the size of city you live in and how many Specialized dealers there are in your local, in my city there would only be 3 shops to call.

  22. I found that the Ultra Sour strain seems to be pretty safe when I am trying to avoid the munchies.

  23. You can also get her a bag of a herbal smoking blend that she can mix with a stronger weed to make it weaker. The only one I have tried personally was the Ouid Uplift (there have been a few reviews posted on here), which I thought was pretty alright.

  24. A gravel bike would be ok for that, however I would go with a gravel bike with wider tires. My gravel bike currently has 45mm wide tires and I would definitely feel comfortable riding that path daily.

  25. Any reason why you would want dispensaries to have apps instead of just checking their website for stock and prices?

  26. I know it sounds kinda monotonous, but if you want to get a bunch of hill climbs in one ride you can do a bunch of back-to-back Keddy Access climbs.

  27. Everyone that I know that can work is already employed. The ones that don't work are ether retired, on maternity leave, a full time student, or on disability and cannot work anyways.

  28. Better public transit infrastructure has and always will be the answer. This is what every world-class city has done and it just works.

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