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  1. Husk at du kikker til service intervaller - fordi de andre har krav at du kommer en eller hver anden år til service.

  2. Apple Watch will never calculate calories just because you start a training. It's always use your heart rate, movement and other datas for calculate your burned calories.

  3. Where are you from? I upgraded mine and have an 256GB SSD over

  4. 30.12.? Hab ich schon gesehen und zwar am 01.12. war es online

  5. Because I want to focus on my work, and don't want to reboot every week or two for installing updates, open all my files and programs again.

  6. Du hast eins übersehen, Dänen lügen nie, und da ich hier Wohne und vorher in Kassel und in Husum ist Berliner leider die einzig richtige Antwort.

  7. Yes, on the scripts for the layout there is an trigger for "OnLayoutKeystroke"

  8. Hi, I really appreciate your help, and thanks for your quick response. I changed the Aiportitlwm kext with the new one. When booting, the Kernel Panic doesn't appear anymore, but now it stucks on a boot loop (here I attach a photo). It appears "itlwm: taskq task_add newstate_task add to queue", and repeats.

  9. Which version did you downloaded? Can you post the kext part from config.plist?

  10. I downloaded the one that says "AirportItlwm-Ventura.v2.2.0-DEBUG-alpha-ee56708.zip". And to make it easier for you, here is the link to the config.plist file:

  11. Mh I have almost the same but no Realtek kext just Intel Cards, but I have WiFi before USB and Voodoo, maybe it is a try, I don't know how your card is connected, and which model you have.

  12. Because I want to use my own design, models and views for products, customers, and payment provider, plus it should be able to use multi tenant, so different shops with one backend, without interference with users classes.

  13. I'm wondering how you managed to get it work, did use a django package for multi tenancy?

  14. Ah, we are just having video calls dropping for like 2-5 seconds and was not sure if this would cause it?

  15. I don't think so we have 6 HomePods which playing since weeks radio without drops even if 1-2 sec connection drops. We also watching with 2 devices 4k Netflix. Important is that you have strong wifi and don't count just on the wifi router which comes with star link set, it is ok for setup and test little bit but go out and buy a router from ubiquiti or something in the same class.

  16. Audio only and Netflix are much more tolerant of the small drops. Video calling is not reliable with my RV Starlink.

  17. I sitting whole day in zoom and team calls no drop outs, please check your wifi self if you downvote me it helps not. Im here to help.

  18. Auf beiden Bildern ist kein Schnitzel und die Bilder beim Kartoffelsalat wurde ausversehen vertauscht. Man müsste schon echt psycho sein um gern essig zu essen

  19. Ist Essig nicht das Zeug was in den Ausfluss kommt um den wieder sauber zu bekommen? Das Essen Menschen?

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