1. What I was saying is, fear or jealousy will probably only hurt your relationship.

  2. I appreciate that you expanded on your original comment. This is all so new to me. We are taking it one step at a time, with a lot of reassurance!

  3. Are you and your wife partners in this? Can you talk to her about these fears? Can you articulate what it is you need from her to be able to process those feelings in a healthy way?

  4. I for one am very appreciative that you posted this and the conversation it has brought about. It is a simple fact that men do not care about the relationship status of a woman if she is willing and wanting sex. On the flip side women are VERY interested in the relationship status of a man and very often turn him down based on that.

  5. Lds- Thank you for sharing! It’s a struggle, I’ve taken a backseat in our relationship, due to many things, one is lack of time working full time. Others include originally exploration of opening up the relationship for her.

  6. So whose work idea was this? You are in for a whole world of hurt.

  7. Your referencing the working hours? It’s a stage similar to having young children. It takes years of growth to get them through the night or able to stay in bed... I’m building a company and it’s requiring that I put extra energy building the foundation for that company

  8. It’s not uncommon for one partner in a situation like this to really embrace poly and find new self-confidence, sexual agency and freedom, etc., while the other partner feels left out and/or abandoned.

  9. Your writing is incredible you should know that. You had on and really important parts and I agree wholeheartedly. We’re trying to navigate the stage what brings happiness to me. I’ve always taking the backseat in the relationship because I wanted to better the people around me. Eventually they put me in a hard place where I never took care of myself. My hope and prayer is that I can be in a relationship that cultivates my security at the same time allows my partner to feel safe to show there on acts of sexual need safely.

  10. Seems like you instigated this in the first place and now the genie is out of the box. Why have you not started your own online relationships to help balance things out?

  11. Great question. I was and have been so afraid to lose everything that I never added myself to the mix

  12. Yes, please, message me any time!

  13. I so need this reassurance. I can absolutely relate to the abandoned fear and jealousy

  14. Honestly this entire message is so beautiful. I am struggling with all of the exact same emotions. This message makes me want to cry. It’s like I’ve been noticed, just by reading your profound words. If your ok messaging I would really like to ask you more that may relate to both of our experiences.

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