1. Did they really think letting career felons, who are burglars, murders, rapists, etc., into a chaotic warzone of which your entire army is materially collapsing was going to work out? - That these guys wouldn't just kill the conscripts/soldiers around them while they slept and then escaped out the back?

  2. Can confirm. We quarantine the animal for ten days. If it’s alive and well after that, it doesn’t have rabies.

  3. Are you speaking about RACC specifically? I don’t know their policy but at other places, if there is no evidence of an owner, the animal is euthanized for a rabies test.

  4. If the dog is from Lakeside, he's not with RACC, he's at the Henrico shelter. Very different policies between the two. Animals are 100% better off with RACC.

  5. I’ve adopted multiple pets from RACC, I love how much good they do, it’s really impressive.

  6. He’s in control until he’s not. This seems like cracks in the foundation, but he is still in control.

  7. My first guess would be, the cops were looking for a decent looking coffee shop in the area and picked hers.

  8. Not being sarcastic, I love the optimism. Here’s my guess: she either has a thin blue line sticker in the window, does a cop discount, is a known “thin blue line” supporter, or dated/used to date a cop.

  9. So people aren't responsible for their actions just because the system incentivises them to act a certain way? If you could steal from people and never get caught you shouldn't be blame for stealing? That's just stupid, just because people can get away with being evil or even be rewarded by doing so doesn't make it not evil and it doesn't make them innocent.

  10. That’s not how I read that comment at all. You might want to reread it with less anger. The commenter said that different systems motivate different negative behaviors.

  11. I'm not angry, I just disagree. He claims that people will act according to perverse incentives no matter what, I just don't think that is true, people can and do choose to act morally. Just because there is a perverse incentive in place we shouldn't excuse evil actions and that's what the commenter was doing.

  12. That is not how an investigation works. You don't start with a conclusion. That's how I can tell you guys are not being intellectual honest.

  13. What? You said it would destroy NATO, so I gave confirmed anecdotes about previous times in recent history the US has been involved in attacks against nato countries with no consequence. Of course that's relevant here. Why wouldn't it be?

  14. Your argument that arming isis would destroy nato relies on the premise that that the geopolitics of USA vs isis is as fraught as the west vs russia. You’re just incorrect, that’s all.

  15. The west did “do shit” after Putin invaded Donbas and crimea. Look at the Ukrainian army now. Did they just get better by hoping for it?

  16. The responses were not strong enough to dissuade Putin from invading further.

  17. Would’ve been lovely but we both know it was politically impossible. Putin had enough plausible deniability that the Putin wing of every Conservative party would’ve been able to prevent it. That would’ve made the invasion happen sooner, by my estimate.

  18. For me the fact that 95% of the accusations thrown at him here are fake and have been repeated a thousand times by his enemies is the decisive evidence.

  19. Critics are people who have something to critisize. Enemies are people who throw false accusations that have been debunked a thousand times and keep repeating them anyway. As I said at least 95% of the accusations thrown around here are the second category.

  20. Men will be men, and babies will be men, and cats will be men, ALL THINGS WILL BE MEN

  21. This is entirely wholesome. I too want to impress sexy people with my sick guitar shreds. Good for you metal dudes

  22. I think straight men will also show off their gun collections to impress other straight men, but this guitar thing is entirely adorable

  23. Not even, dont even need a raspberry at this point. This tech level drone could be solved with simple IC chips from 80s

  24. Pretty sure they’re trying to pretend it’s mass hysteria that causes psychosomatic symptoms to manifest and we should all just stop questioning the narrative! Lol

  25. …it’s quite obviously what’s happening, they want you to think it’s nothing and to stop thinking about it

  26. He made me more money than you'll ever do though lol (bought into tesla at like 539. Got out at like 7 something, now it's at like 230 last I checked

  27. I have no idea why your account got suspended but I feel like it probably wasn’t this comment.

  28. I have never understood queers supporting the GOP. They just want to hurt us.

  29. They don’t understand they are far, far more useful to conservatives as villains than voters.

  30. Hi, gay here! Gays NEVER fit in the GOP and they had a chance to turn it around in 2012 and doubled down instead.

  31. They are so goddamn stupid. Ukrainians with a few of our toys brought russia to their knees. The issue wasnt that they were weak it is their leadership lied about their capabilities and sent them all to the cooker. They were so much better off not using their army and making everyone think they were a threat outside of nukes. Anyone can nuke the planet.

  32. When I see the obscene amount of karma of some people, yes, I can believe that some people are always on Reddit.

  33. Europe actually has a modern economy. Russia is just a gas station masquerading as a country.

  34. Definitely the kind where the bathrooms are outside and you have to go in and ask for a key, but the person behind the register is like, “oh they’re unlocked”. So you go out and slowly push the door open wondering if you’re going to see someone overdosed in there, which probably would make you crap your pants after all.

  35. The article doesn't provide enough detail for me to really have an opinion on whether it sucks that he got in trouble for it. Sometimes there's more to this stuff.

  36. Something being legal doesn't mean it's not against department policy.

  37. I’m not sure we read the same article, there was plenty of detail to form an opinion. I’m sure they are not allowed to wear political attire. This was not political attire, it was protective gear.

  38. got it on a 6 Star Henerprise :) I've got the cockatrice's own luck

  39. Same thing with CRT and books in Loudon. The right just want to be angry, so they give them what they want.

  40. The CRT backlash is a great example! It’s not happening, but the name of it is nice and spooky for them.

  41. I'm all for supporting Ukraine, hell I have a "fuck Russia" sticker on my truck, but we, us Americans feel like we're the only ones helping out, to the point we're running out. So if Taiwan, Japan etc need some help, who the hell is gna help em? Not the U.S. cuz we'll be broke.

  42. Yeah ok, so u must be buddies then if you know that, so...try again.

  43. We both know that Putin wants America to spend less on Ukraine. We also both know that if the trumps complain about it, trump worshippers will also complain about it. Good little lap dog, trumpist

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