1. Bluefield is the artist to anyone who's wondering

  2. Even compared to Raven? Are you saying she's weak? You traitorous goblin you.

  3. Wouldn't Nora be Electric/Steel or Electric/Fighting?

  4. @Krekkov on Twitter is the original artist of the work, image was edited to show Weiss.

  5. Damn Krekkov can make something that isn't lewd?

  6. What or who is Father Ted and is this a British comedy series? Because it sure as heck looks like one.

  7. Father ted is an Irish sitcom from 1996-1998 im combining it with RWBY and meme potential because I’m bored and their my 3 favourite things in life

  8. Alrighty then I better find me some clips from youtube

  9. Kazuma crying and sucking his thumb while Aqua comforts him...

  10. I happend. I was bored ok? I tought to myself:"Hmmm i want to make memes but i dont have material to make them" but when i was searching meme templates to make RWBY memes i saw old comics with DOOM slayer and Cardin and realized that Cardin could be used as meme.

  11. You either created something that I will remember as a legendary moment in

  12. I remember when few years back some asshat decided to teach his kid how to "properly welcome" refugees here in Finland by letting her punch a stuffed monkey toy. And he even filmed it and posted it on Facebook.

  13. This scene always bothered me. They are just standing around confused and then talking on their scrolls while everyone around them is getting killed and torn apart by Grimm.

  14. I just thought they were a wee bit shocked about what's happening. I mean if me and my friends got suddenly attacked by a full blown chaos when we were at army we would've probably been even more confused and scared.

  15. Oh... I thought she was a Dragon or something when I first saw her. (Goes to show much I actually know about RWBY at times...)

  16. "Everyone knows whom I would want to shag"

  17. Limp noodle or some shit idfk I'm just here for posts of our lord and saviour Groribas

  18. Cheating on Master Chief with Ozpin (and being the main villain OP guesses)

  19. That doesn't sound edgy. That just sounds wrong.

  20. What would be the ship name for Ruby x Blake X Yang?

  21. Sounds more like the ship name of Blake x Kali, but I'll take it

  22. Only thing that word reminds me of is a gay demon owl

  23. I would rather take shit from an actual thrift store tho

  24. Huh. I didn't even notice that you were gone... but now that I think about I did notice there was a lack of Transformers in this sub.

  25. And I'm 100% sure that the NSFW sub doesn't give a flying shit about her age.

  26. I think this would be a perfect line for Weiss if she... you know..

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