1. Are witnesses getting arrested for promoting their shit on our door steps? No. Do it.

  2. Zašto si ti onda peder koji pusi, pije, dejta, psuje, pusta glasnu glazbu i slika druge?

  3. Yes sir, just don’t treat Nioh like souls games. Nioh games have more in depth mechanics.

  4. Figure that out and I didn't even play them, yet :)

  5. I didn’t see anyone else mention it yet, but while they are good soulslikes, they have a strong helping of Diablo-style loot grind if you want to push through all the way to NG+5. It’s kind of insane, but very rewarding if you’re into loot grinds. If you aren’t, there is plenty to enjoy in just a single playthrough as well.

  6. Znači idemo na ono tvoje ograničenje. Prva dijagnoza je bila tačna i ti to dokazuješ svakim svojim komentarom.

  7. Nista obrazlozio nisi. Niti mozes, realno, jer se temelji na fikciji.

  8. Sve ti pise gore u prijasnjim komentarima, tvoj problem je da ne prihvatas nista sto nije prema tvom, poprilicno uskom modelu posmatranja i osudjivanja drugih. Savjetovao bih te, onako iskreno, da vise putujes, da vise citas i da budes otvoreniji prema drugim kulturama i obicajima. Da budes znatizeljan i da trazis odgovore na pitanja. Mozda nekad da se postavis u cipele drugih ljudi pa da razmotirs kako se oni osjecaju oko nekog pitanja a ne samo ici sa nekom dogmom i slijepom mrznjom.

  9. Uopce nisam takav kakvim si me opisao. Ali misli sto zelis, tvoj izbor.

  10. The collection is on sale for $35 until the 13th I think, just fyi.

  11. NP bud, let me know if/when you dive into it :)

  12. Waiting for sale to buy Elden Ring first, lol. After Ragnarok I will dive into Nioh for sure

  13. Tako je, sve nam detaljno obrazloži 👍

  14. "U Zagori, na izvoru, RIJEKE ČIKOLEEEEEEE!!!"

  15. Because saying "don't plug your PS5 into an ARC port" is a stupid advice. Many older TVs actually only supported 4K on the ARC port(s) for example.

  16. Older TVs cant read signal right on ARC HDMI on the newer equipment. You stupid mofo. You don't know what you talking about.

  17. ARC is a feature of a fully functional HDMI port. You are the one that has no idea of what you are talking about.

  18. Older TV's can't read the signal properly on the ARC HDMI, from Ps5 in this case, and it's stuck on "no signal" message. I'm glad you have newer model and know nothing about this, but it did help me and couple of my friends when we switched from ARC to other HDMI port.

  19. I haven’t preordered the game yet. I did order the new controller though. However I’ve literally taken the week off work just to play this when it comes out. I work night shift so I’m hoping to predownload it on ps5 or start the download before I go to work then I can play as soon as I get home on the morning of the 9th lol. I can’t wait to play this

  20. Brilliant! I won't sleep when it comes out, lol

  21. Be respectful toward others and you will get nice from them.

  22. Venom. Just because he is the greatest of all time

  23. We already saw Atreus do some sort of Spartan Rage. Pretty clear he is Kratos’s son. Also Kratos serves the role of Farbauti who is the father or Loki and Laufey’s (Faye) husband.

  24. Fair enough,I have nothing else to say, we'll see when November comes,nice chat man.

  25. Thank you, nice chat also. Everything you said had some logical points, so everything is possibility for sure...

  26. Ima veze s Hrvatskom jer ljudi U HRVATSKOJ IGRAJU ELDEN RING.

  27. Kakvo god ti misljenje imao o tom pravilu, pravilo je takvo. Ja sam ti ga samo objasnio. Takoder, dajem ti savjet da s takvim pitanjima ides na

  28. Objasnio si mi pravilo? Is this a joke. Rekoh, sazrij. Necu, postavljati cu ovdje slicna pitanja namjerno sve dok ne promjene debilna pravila. Hvala. Godspeed.

  29. Your post has been removed since we believe that this content is not appropriate for

  30. No, youre better off buying the next ubisoft game

  31. Butt hurt, pederčino. Jebem ti majku i boga seljačkog, glupog, stranog :D

  32. That's brilliant! I would buy the Elden Ring :) Good luck to you all!

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