1. Well I don't know how you feel about LitRPGs or Gamer stories, but there's Grimm's Evolution by chaos65 if you're interested

  2. See this SAYS Sonic but I hear Domon Kashu of Neo Japan fighting in the Shining Gundam.

  3. The main complaint I've seen is that the team has a whole "I'm right, you’re wrong, deal with it" thing going and it consistently gets worse. They do things the way they think it should be done and when things go wrong, we're supposed to just believe that it's not their fault.

  4. Go full Harry Potter with 'em. Summer Raven Xiao-Long and their sibling - Cinder Ozma Xiao-Long.

  5. God this reminds me how much I hated Harry's naming sense.

  6. More than likely pull an Azula and slowly breakdown. Not from paranoia but from the host of other problems that were already bleeding out of her as time went on.

  7. I like thicc bodies on all genders ;) petite guys are also rlly cute and muscular woman are 🥵

  8. Unusual? Maybe. Unpleasant? I think not.

  9. Here's my problem with how Blake and Faunus as a whole are handled.

  10. 4. Which is...arguably respectable with Salem as her new priority, but only if Blake was shown to be conflicted about it. Which she wasn't.

  11. Yeah, finding out about an Immortal Grimm Woman is a bit higher on the list than her own dreams. But honestly, she wasn't really going to get anywhere with it since she just runs away from practically every problem that pops up.

  12. Why says they're eye holes? I always thought it was like bucket over her head and her maiden powers allowed her to "sense" those around her.

  13. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure she wore that thing long before she became a Maiden, in which case she'd need to see out of it.

  14. I think the eye holes are tinted so they couldn't have leaked out. Perfect kind of disguise.

  15. To do Cleric well as an MC, I think you need to pay attention to his relationship with his god. IE, how does his god interact with his followers? Is the god distant, an obsessive micromanager, etc. Does the cleric treat his religion seriously or as an afterthought?

  16. I haven't played D&D (yet) so I hadn't considered that. And honestly, I'm thinking about right now as I read the questions.

  17. I think multiclass with combined classes would work nice, such as Cleric+Knight=Crusader and such, but your character could also just choose a simple class in this, leading to him being a more powerful Cleric when compared to people combining them.

  18. I think I can do that make both optional, you can combine classes to unlock special ones, like Magic Knight or Crusader/Paladin, or you can put all your focus into one class and unlock advanced classes with more powerful skills.

  19. There's not much too much to talk about honestly.

  20. If you're enjoying I'm a Spider, So What? You should definitely try Chrysalis when you get a moment.

  21. You mean like Rising of the Shield Hero? He literally can only use the Shield.

  22. ...I actually did consider an Isekai with death by snu snu. Particularly by thicc thighs.

  23. "Glory, Glory, What a hell of a way to die." At least I started from happy ending.

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