1. Sparky here - that looks like rust, not overheating. I'd get a second opinion.

  2. That's a deteriorated bus bar, section 110.12 this is 100% in need of being changed, are you an electrician?

  3. Yes I agree and price is reasonable and reflects normal rates

  4. Armor is only for style, but yeah majority of heavy armor looks like shit, the scales helm isn't too bad

  5. So if I beat the game at RL17 (which I just did yesterday actually), I’m not allowed to use any of that stuff in invasions, or I’m a bad person?

  6. You can do whatever you want but yeah that would be referred to as twinking either way

  7. "and wore a sheath of solid gold over his penis."

  8. I know what you mean, happened to me in demons souls and I missed so much content and my ng+ was doing no damage, bloodborne tho I knew about the ng+ but I agree it is significantly more difficult but also not all enemies are scaled equally so some may be tough in the beginning but some may not have changed to much either, start leveling arcane to use the hunter tools along with whatever build you had going

  9. They raised it because of people using vpn to basically buy it for $5 or so, now it's about $30 usd vs lira

  10. He's ng+3 first time, that's a tough ass fight, stats only get you so much

  11. There are shortcuts you should be unlocking on the way through, there is generally 1 lamp per zone, you keep progressing until the next or the zone boss at which point you could choose to return to dream to use your echoes or try to push forward, the safe bet for you currently is utilize blood echoes often as possible and level your heath primarily until your not struggling too much then raise offensive stats

  12. It's not nearly as fast or difficult as it looks, if you've beat the others you'll be fine

  13. Prepare to die edition I believe right? They've already done this on steam, and the servers have been removed but not the remaster d

  14. You can inform her on a place to go or not involve yourself in her business up to you

  15. Probably Paarl, he stands out to me in a design and looks stand point more so than any other boss

  16. Reduces battery drain too since it’s turning off the display. I love mine

  17. In your experience, is the resolution better and performance remains the same? is the deck streaming to the glasses or it's just running for the glasses? Do the glasses last a while before needing to be charged?

  18. The glasses are just small USB-C Monitors you can connect like any other. Not sure what you mean by "streaming" vs "running"

  19. So basically your actual field of view becomes the screen? So to bother you, are they comfortable?

  20. Yes And ghost of Tsushima, horizon forbidden west, demons souls, bloodborne, etc...

  21. Hogwarts legacy will still probably be top selling game of 2023 no matter how much social justice they think they're accomplishing

  22. Titanfall 2, even worse are the executives whi chose to have it release at the time it did. If you don't know what I mean by that then reply ro this comment cuz I'm sick of repeating it but if you wanna know I'll say jt.

  23. The executives already put a small ti.e crunch on finishing the game but they did the dumbest thing they possibly could at the time. They released the game in the same week where, at the start or end of the week battlefield one came out and at the other end of the weekend call of duty came out. Since people were already clamoring for games that were successors to previously established franchises all the attention was on them. So nobody payed attention to the sequel for a small game that the disgusting EA studios released a while ago that wasn't popular either. Eventually the game gained some sma popularity from the sheer fact that it was amazing, but it never got what it deserved. A year or two ago hackers started fucking with servers meaning no one could join a game. They did this on titanfall 2 and Apex legends, apex legends was fixed within 24 hours while titanfall 2 to this day is unplayable on console.

  24. Wow I never knew, sounds like they just didn't give a shit about it, I wonder why

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