1. Medallions you get when you see your stats after an online match.

  2. Still don't know what you're talking about unless you mean the koins , hearts and soul on top of your banner

  3. When you see a player’s Kombat Kard you can see every medallion and what they mean but you can only see specific medallions (ones that happened during match) when checking the stats of someone you fought online.

  4. Inside the game there is a whole page that has all your stats, how long you played how many fatalities, krypt completion, how many nemesis you have, how many times you quit a match...etc.

  5. First section is in extras menu, then offline Kombat history. Second is in the online menu then online Kombat history

  6. Put foil in the windows? What kind of ghetto shit is that?

  7. Get to lvl 30 set augment to what I got, play with her not only in the multiverse but also the guild multiverse, open the higher levels of mother boxes... etc

  8. It is a medieval cross ...It exists throughout the medieval period as a symbol of Christ, his crucifixion, and his sacrifice celebrated in the consecration of the Eucharist.

  9. In a way yes, SF6 will probably be early 2023 then Tekken late 2023, and other fighting games being implemented to other consoles and new roleback for games like Dragonball fighter z and Samurai showdown...if A NRS game did come out next year it would get lost in the shuffle, plus there still might be project L arriving, but only time will tell.

  10. Yes but the problem is its not holding the in to start with... fading isn't the problem...

  11. Are you going all the way through the top 3 layers of epidermis. And are you using good ink

  12. Yes and yes. But as I was saying to someone else, that part of my hand swells really fast. Someone said that's doesn't affect anything but I was told by a professional that swelling can cause ink to not take as when the swelling goes down the ink can start to push out... idk well see what happens. I have some good advice and I'll try when I have a week off of work. Once it is fully healed and my skin is not as dry from moisturizing for a bit.

  13. Yes swelling can cause the ink not to take and when it does take it can cause blowouts/holidays

  14. Wait until they go on sale, if they do...they can still change their minds and switch it to invite only for players and coaches

  15. No because of the handle, a wash bottle is more responsible and cleaner

  16. Even though it's wrapped, because of the trigger, you can still cause cross contamination, with a wash bottle all you have to do is squeeze the bottle, and point. That type of spray bottle is fine if you use Medacide or alcohol on your working trays/surfaces before you wrap them, and a lot of spray bottles are not autoclave safe like how most wash bottles are.

  17. It was already being remade but NRS/WB put a cease and desist order on it plus on MK 1-3

  18. I'm just hoping for a PC collection of 1,2 and gold, the gb version is a bit much honestly.

  19. Can't you already play 1and 2 on PC since it's on Xbox plus gold is in the rare replay bundle

  20. Neither the bundle from Killer Instinct or rare replay are available on pc (I own them all).

  21. The King of the hill ones can be boosted easily create your own lobby, get a friend and ask them to let you win.

  22. Edenian Blue (24 Hour Gold Kronika Vault Chest - August 29, 2019) (2285, 6219), just wait for that one to return.

  23. With Classic KI he was Chief Thunder and his use of the tomahawk was genius, Newer KI, they incorporated Native dance moves into his combos.

  24. NRS is taking longer because it's next gen and they are using Unreal Engine 5, only Tekken 8 has implemented this new engine so far for fighting games.

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