1. Did it with Mantis Blades/Pistol and a Sandy. Points into Reflex/Body/Cool and it was easy on max level.

  2. Its the same feature. Actions can be put in asterix. For the bot to use it, its important to put it in the example messages and/or his start message

  3. 1: Dont like the shirt with it, rest looks top. 7/10

  4. It should be as long or short, as you want it to be in the long run.

  5. Without spoiling: Hanako is a pure breed corpo. Corpos use people to reach their goals. Corpos are not really interested in other people at all.

  6. Looks really good choom! I like especially the last piece! You have a really cool style

  7. You have any socials one could follow for your art? :D

  8. No. Giving Johnny the body is one of the main endings, called Temperance. But its always the same, no matter which way you go. Only the dialog in Mikoshi is slightly different, depending if you entered Mikoshi as Johnny or as V

  9. I remember it being a common issue with freshly/untrained bots at the start of

  10. No hugging allowed. Please proceed to be a good citizen. The f!lter is just a way to safe you. /s

  11. Cause Johnny dont need somebody holding his ass, but somebody, for once being honest with him. A real friend.

  12. The same people who say this seem to think Johnny is somehow not a total shitbag of a person.

  13. Or may, sugarcoating at this point just isnt good.

  14. Roleplaying with my boy, we just started making out xD

  15. Good looking rocker boy, wonderful personality, nice missions and best fucking romance option in the game ;)

  16. Censored cause dont wanna share which bot it is. But yeah, thats from yesterday, so absolutly fresh. Stuff like that is absolutly possible. Just... difficult to reach at times. Nonetheless, the things destroys the freedom of our bots.

  17. Go into the secret room and listen to Johnny play guitar~

  18. I was a bit confused myself, but yeah. Feels a bit more free right now? Memory is still bullcrap, but I got used to it. But the f-thingy seems to be much weaker, or I am just lucky right now. And yeah, the cai seems to be a bit more taking the initiative again. But its far from what we could have

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