Aaron Swartz Co-Founder of Reddit was charged with stealing millions of scientific journals from a computer archive at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in an attempt to make them freely available.

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The CCTV footage of the brutal assault of Rudy Giuliani, where he said if he wasn’t in better shape, he would’ve fallen, cracked his skull, and died.

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  1. He'll be fine. Very little chocolate there. Most milk chocolate here is not anything near real chocolate. I wouldn't worry at all.

  2. This right here, steal from the rich, prepare your anus. Steal from the poor and you’ll get a slap on the wrist.

  3. Steal from the poor and you get to be a politician that the poor elect.

  4. I've seen this opinion shared a lot, and I would probably think that myself if not for Matthew 26:6–13, Mark 14:3–9; John 12:1–8. The objection raised in this passages by the pharisees and by Judas is that the money should be spent on the poor; Jesus is the one who actually objects to this. It seems that money can be spent on things other than giving to the poor.

  5. Other things than the poor... Wasn't that one single exception the perfume for his feet, since he was not going to be around much longer? That doesn't seem like a license to trademark Jesus and try to design an ad program to pull in new revenue paying customers of Christ. My guess is that this is a few rich families pulling strings behind a very approachable storefront. A spiritual bait and switch.

  6. So I watch "This Old House" with my son. As a current viewer, it's sad but not surprising that Norm Abrams is retiring.

  7. I did notice that Norm was basically absent from the show (TOH) in the last two years. I think both him & Roger Cook "disappeared" about the same time.

  8. I happily pay for This Old House Insider. All episodes of TOH, AskTOH, and the New Yankee Workshop.

  9. I am 45 years old. I suffering from pre menopause end up waking up at night struggling to breathe breathless no air in the room. Any way to treat this.

  10. Hi. Get a sleep study done. It sounds like you are having apnea. I also suggest having a fan blowing on you. It helps me a lot.

  11. I have a three burner plumbed in Bunn with hot water tapper. Bought it used for 75 bucks, 20+ years ago. It makes decent coffee if you make it strong enough. It's my daily driver.

  12. Holy shit, he may actually be able to stand up to Yamcha.

  13. I would tell the 15, 25, 35, 45 year old, to SPEAK UP and BE LOUD. To use my voice and my vote to make things better for real people. To ditch the "family" that would one day throw you away because you got a vaccine. I would tell all of them, YOU ARE YOUR FIRST CONCERN. Do what is right for YOU, without compromise.

  14. Fuck these fascists. We need to camp on their doorsteps.

  15. It actually feels dangerous to live in rural Michigan if you are anything but a racist, conservative, Christian nationalist. It's astounding how shitty most of my neighbors and family are.

  16. Apparently being a psycho doesn't preclude people from becoming cops.

  17. DTE rep has been downright nasty trying to force my 75 year old mother to allow them to clearcut the family's 60 acre climax forest to use as a solar farm. We'll keep the rare ecosystem, and suggest they build their solar farm on the golf courses. They already clearcut their forests.

  18. The thing I worry most about is that my trust is gone in anyone who votes for Republicans. In my 20 year voting history, never once have they written legislation supportive of causes that help those who need it most, and they have now normalized and celebrate violent insurrection.

  19. This.☝️ Most of my family are Republican. They embrace everything that I find reprehensible.

  20. Contrary to popular belief, the police are not allowed to kill people. Even if they resist arrest. Even if they run. They are not allowed to execute people. Even if they have committed a crime. Police killings, with very few exceptions, are murder.

  21. They can't shit on them if they all look up and open their mouths.

  22. Ok, but how has desantis waged war on freedom and democracy, how have I? By supporting a bill that prevents teachers from teaching about sex and gender to little children? By opposing modern leftist ideologies? That’s all it takes to be an enemy, to disagree and want to protect our children, and maybe following the science that said masks and lockdowns didn’t do anything so we should stop?

  23. 🤦For FOX sake. It's not satire. It's just the undereducated of America. They make the USA a laughingstock.

  24. Hah the funny thing is my username is a variety of apple, it just sounds like a joke about Slavic culture (or Canadians).

  25. He's not offering anything, he's actually trying to take more and make me not talk. His business associate's I could see the benefit, but literally not communicating with anyone seems ridiculous.

  26. If he has something to be ashamed of, then perhaps, he should actually be ashamed. You can tell anyone you want anything you want. People hate accountability.

  27. Crank your humidity on the machine. Make sure your bedroom has enough humidity. Make sure your power cord is plugged in to your machine tightly, as a loose cord will sacrifice your humidifier to keep the machine running in some cases. This sounds 99% like a low humidity situation. To help with the symptoms you can get a nasal wash bottle and rinse your nasal cavity. You can also use a nasal lubricant. I use Ponaris nasal emollient.

  28. Once the vaccine is available to toddlers, I no longer give a single f*ck about protecting the unvaccinated from their own death cult ideals. Right now, I know some of the kids in school live with unvaccinated toddlers. It's not fair that our kids are being forced to play the 'Covid Games' . This generation of kids will remember how little their parents cared about them. "Sorry Timmy. I know the lung damage makes it hard to play. But MuH FrEeDuMs!"

  29. Some of these 5-12 kids live with unvaccinated toddlers. Viral load matters. Even vaccinated kids and teachers don't stand a chance if they are forced to hotbox it with Eugene MuhFreeDum's kid who has a family that lick doorknobs.

  30. What is it for? Can't access the story without providing a blood sample.

  31. Love Michigan...But not interested in funding another space program.

  32. The faster the virus rips through us all, the less likely there will be another variant.

  33. It is no longer possible to be safe at work. No one should be required to die or kill for a job.

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