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  1. We all agree that he’s not actually going to do any push-ups right? You shouldn’t have rely on other people to workout anyways

  2. Masturbation is healthy for you… What ISN’T healthy is addiction to masturbating or especially watching porn

  3. Sure but how exactly is masturbation unhealthy? I’m curious as to your thought process

  4. I could have sworn there was some propaganda aimed at white American soldiers about black dudes fucking their wives back home and I sincerely hope I didn’t make that up on my own

  5. The Triangle are definitely ours, and they usually fly in locked pairs. They can be seen in the night sky’s of the upper east coast (Tri-state area) somewhat weekly, if not every 4-5 days. No sound, just weirdly cruising by at low altitudes, and very high speeds.

  6. Here a ufo sighting map! Oh wow! Could it be? The exact same thing I was saying… is true? The Tri-state area is a UFO hot bed, like I tried to tell.

  7. Which part didn’t happen? I’d be happy to send screen shots.

  8. Feel free to scroll through the comments to see more examples of claiming feminism promotes child rape (which was a main thesis of the post) and to see people actually get mad at me for saying sexual assault is bad. Didn’t lie, like I said. I don’t need to lie. They get upset over nothing on the regular. I don’t need to make up their insanity. They’re already insane.

  9. That’s just some random dude and he doesn’t represent conservatism. He probably isn’t even a conservative himself

  10. You handled it very well, and if your photos haven’t been leaked yet they 99.9% won’t be leaked at all. I wouldn’t worry about it man

  11. That's good news , I'm praying they don't get leaked! Appreciate it

  12. Usually they’ll only leak it out of personal spite because it doesn’t make them any money so I’m sure you’ll be just fine

  13. bro doesn’t know about the guy that is actually doing them

  14. you’re basically hating on him for doing more exercise than you ever have?

  15. Go ahead and do 21,000 pushups just like him then… You’ll end up being built like that dude from The Fairy OddParents

  16. Yes I am mad at biden because he let them back in power, my friend died for nothing.

  17. Please make posts related in some way to consumerism or consumption of product.

  18. It a slow process but it is true. This will happen to most people if you throw away your semen daily.

  19. Most successful people in the world have sex daily and “throw away their semen”. That’s not true at all and not even what this is about

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