1. It does appear to be thinning yes. But you also look to have really long, fine hair, which the length makes it look even worse. Also your hair is either wet or greasy on pic so it's hard to judge how much it really is thinning!

  2. I think your hair looks really good... maybe try getting a fade on the back and sides!

  3. i think that to, thank you for the reassurance!

  4. 24M, hair has been receding since I was 18/19. Can't decide whether the buzz cut suits me more than the styled look in my first pic.

  5. A taper / faded buzz will probably look good. It's impossible to say without a pic!

  6. I think this haircut will look great on you! Use a styling/texture powder to keep this style!

  7. You have any recommendations which ones hold the best and and the softest. My hair becomes pretty dry when I use a styling product.

  8. I don't see why it wouldn't work for you. Just show your barber the pic.

  9. You are quite handsome and have a majestic beard. Your head size is perfectly normal. I would start with a short #1 or zero buzz cut, then save it if you want to. Bald and bearded will be a great look for you!

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