Bought my first dispensary cart. Will take a hit everytime I get a comment

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

I needed this today

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  1. Just posted one similar to this. 13.6 miles for $2.57. The mods on this forum are sensitive and will prob take this down like mine, lol.

  2. Guys, I didn’t mean it should actually be illegal! I just find it disrespectful.

  3. Could it be someone messing up while trying to tip $7? I hope it’s an oops rather than an asshole.

  4. I wish. Most of the time people don’t even tip me. I started my day yesterday with 5 orders straight no tip. Highest paying order was $4.

  5. Yeah, that’s messed up. Unacceptable. I guess entitled drivers and cheap customers just ruin it for all of us

  6. Right? Like not even $1? I’ve gotten used to it, We suffer the consequences for declining orders when the pay is shit. I try to stay above the 80% mark so I get so called “priority”.

  7. If you haven’t been able to roll for 7 years it’s a lost cause get a Bong

  8. Nah dude, that’s just the crown. Your hair going all separate ways basically.

  9. Ohhhh shit they’re a midwestern company!? NICE! What states can I find these?

  10. I’ll just give it to you straightforward... You basically have to pay for your card again if you renew on time or late. Doesn’t matter. There’s also that annoying extra $50 fee for your card from the state.

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