1. You're not going to get out of PMI in this market.

  2. I’m sorry people keep electing government that denies climate change in your state. Also, bummer about your building.

  3. Why do elected officials allow developers to build homes in the middle of a forest in California, just so they can go on fire and waste billions of tax payer dollars?

  4. This sub is full of CA liberal brats if you couldn't tell by the reply's to your post. Many of these folks live in a crime-ridden city waiting for the next forest fire to demolish their tiny overvalued house, yet they make fun of you. Dems are the division of hate and all these posts that laugh at you prove my point.

  5. I knew all I needed to know about this problem in your very first sentence "We purchased from OfferPad and were unhappy with the state of the Hot Water Heater"

  6. Tell the seller to FUCK OFF and good luck to him in court. It would take YEARS.

  7. Seems bad a bad position to be in. New York sucks because you have to pay a bloody lawyer to close the transaction. Stupid waste of time and money!

  8. What does the city assessors office show as the SQFT, bed, and bath. That is what matters.

  9. This! To the OP: What does the property appraiser website show? Buyer always must due their due diligence. Your realtor sucks for not finding this out for you and I'd be more mad at them.

  10. Did it occur to you that your house is valued the way it is because it has a boat dock? I don't know about you, but my dock is valued at $150K. Don't be the guy that splits the dock parcel from the house. Very lame!

  11. I think you may be assuming that my house is on the water. Sorry it is not I should have mentioned that. The dock is located down the street from my neighborhood on a private drive. They are not creating anymore docks so it’s essential that I can keep forever. Either to pass down, rent out, or enjoy myself. The values i really dont care about. Hell, separated out would most likely result in faster appreciation total vs together.

  12. Gotcha, well. I don't think i'd do it still, but it's your property! I am going to guess that it's not allowed if they aren't allowing anymore docks and this will be a rule within the city government. But you can check!

  13. This guy probably lives with his mom! Nobody with a RE portfolio watches this crap.

  14. I don't understand the fucking home owner association. How is that freedom in any way? A person should be free to live on their plot of land as they wish, without some fucking association telling them what's what. In that regard, Ontario where I live is very free, we don't have such bullshit for most single homes. Condos are different.

  15. Yeah, Ontario is SO free. Except your gun rights have been taken away. Nice try.

  16. You're the one in Canada, you have no rights....

  17. Not a significant number no. I will say when I say 15 feet, I mean 15 feet wide, and spans the length of the property. I’m not sure if that makes a difference. It’s the main sewer line for the entire neighborhood. Houses on the other side of the street don’t have the same easement.

  18. that's a lot of poopies flowing through your yard

  19. I don't buy an property that has an easement that is greater than 5ft

  20. Those fly by the night realtors went back to get a real job

  21. I am sorry that you have been had. Your mortgage payment has gone up by 42% and your interest rate by over 100%. The only thing I can imagine to think of is WALK AWAY!

  22. Not necessarily. We had a friend sell his business. Make a substantial amount of $, and then bought a few multi million dollar houses, cash, as investment and also to enjoy with his family/extended family as vacation properties. All of the properties have gone up significantly in value.

  23. Good for him! Dumb in my opinion. Now that the stock market is in the gutter, he has used up all his cash in property.

  24. You’re perspective is skewed. Think about a $50m exit and paying for a $2m home in cash. It happens and it isn’t an investment at that point, it’s a primary residence. It’s also not “all” their cash

  25. Dude, please go away with your fantasy talk.

  26. Would you do that per each rental ? From the beginning we just threw 30-50k on an account and just let it stay whether it was 1 or 3 rentals but as time went by and maintaining costs were low leur than expected we started to buy more and using that account to surplus on our investment so now we have remaining 30k on it I have a feeling it’s about just / limit to what we should have… ok thank you we will save more first!

  27. No, not each. That would be excessive imo (and a waste of funds just sitting there doing nothing) Opportunity cost.

  28. Take the biggest expensive, such as replacing a roof or not having a tenant for an entire year (I know that sounds extreme but during COVID, renters were not paying anything!) and use that as your baseline.

  29. So you bought a flipped house? There is no recourse.

  30. No, the house was their residence for two years. They had 7 people living here, we think this bathroom and the adjacent bedroom were grandma and grandpa’s. We are still getting all their mail, I think they moved for his work.

  31. Lots of folks live in a house and in the very end do a bathroom remodel to maybe get a bit more money for their house. Since you aren't really sure of the story, who knows?

  32. As a licensed structural engineer, this is not a concern structurally. Hope this gives you some peace of mind.

  33. Your comment is stupid! You are giving advice and admit you have no residential construction best practice experience. Why waste the OPs time. Bugger off! 50 other idiots up voted you which is even more sad.

  34. Uber is not a real job! No bank would approve you.

  35. Only a total idiot would allow comments on their home. Who are you to judge somebody else's home? You don't even own a home!

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