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  1. Try turning up your amps more, that can help with the discoloration of you welds. It might not make sense at first but higher amp helps you weld faster and put less heat into the material. When you have lower amps it takes longer to melt the material so thus it puts more heat into the metal.

  2. I was running at about 90-100amps on most of the pipes and tubes, started at 120 and it seemed to burn through pretty quick even if moving fast. The tubes are 3.35mm or .132 inch mild steel

  3. do you have a pedal or is it scratch start?

  4. I’m using pedal, I have tried to use a finger switch which keeps it constant too. It’s got high frequency start so no need to scratch start I believe

  5. I had someone with a similar problem. Turns out they actually damaged the pins on both the old and new swapping back and forth trying to troubleshoot.

  6. So far all of the CPUs have no bent pins, and were installed gently. I’ve built quite a few systems for myself and friends, I know not to force anything in place. I’m going to run my mobo and CPU to a local shop and have them bench test, they said if the new CPU has a short inside of it, it can kill a MOBO

  7. Sounds like you got a component-killer CPU. I haven't seen a CPU shorting motherboards before, but I have seen other components do. That really sucks..

  8. Never had that happen before, but I know weirder stuff has happened on PCs

  9. Ive had the CPU encryption device freak out and do this before .. I had to reset the BIOS and afterward found out my monitor could not display the default resolution on Boot. I swapped monitors and found my PC was actually posting.. but hung on BIOS screen and I just couldnt see it. Loaded optimized defaults once i could see.. and problem was gone.

  10. I appreciate the reply! When over at his house, we didn’t try another monitor as he doesn’t have one, but mine was still giving the same issue. After I got back home I plugged it in to both of my monitors and still nothing. Someone on a forum said they fried 3 mobos testing a CPU before realizing the CPU was bad? Never heard of that happening before though

  11. Took a lesson when I was first starting and had an over the top issue, was told to feel like the butt end of the grip was being pulled or dropped towards the ground if that makes sense. Worked for me to get my path more neutral

  12. Let’s call it 215 shipped since shipping will be decently priced I feel like

  13. Ok, I'm in the Midwest so shipping is generally pretty cheap. I'm currently trying to get a pair on ebay for under retail, but if that doesn't work out, I'll pm you. Obviously don't hold them for me or anything, just wanted to clarify the price. Thanks!

  14. Not a problem! Luckily no one else has asked about them, but go ahead and shoot me a DM when you find out from eBay!

  15. Just shy of 7, cut. Could always use more girth but I can’t complain

  16. Look at that hip movement as he starts his downswing, my god he has it down more than I do

  17. I was parked in my driveway and I opened the back doors of my work van when a 3/4 full gallon jug of hydrochloric acid (muriatic pool acid from Home Depot) fell out and the top came off. I'm usually super careful with stuff like this, but I must have screwed the top on crooked or something. I gasped, like "oh shit" and when I breathed in, I felt like I was stabbed in the throat with a 100 tiny needles. This was within a split second of the bottle hitting the concrete. I was coughing and hacking up for several minutes and felt sick.

  18. I work as a pool boy and inhale hydrochloric acid(accidentally from wind and whatnot) almost every day. Just a small Whiff is enough to cause uncontrollable hacking. It’s terrible

  19. Honestly have yet to see this one, but I haven’t been too active on reddit since she made the tweet like 5 days ago lmao

  20. Wouldn’t catch me lacking on calcium, my bones are like titanium

  21. I’m new in this sport in terms of time and jump numbers(106), but from what I’ve learned so far and what I’ve always been told is that fear is what keeps you safe. That fear makes you double, triple, and quadruple check all your gear and keeps you on your toes if something goes south

  22. Exactly that!! The fear will always be there, no matter what. If the fear goes away, and you get comfortable, bad shit can happen I feel like. An old AFF instructor told me back when I was learning to pack(years before I could jump) that even he is fearful on every jump, and he has well over 16,000 jumps. It’s that fear that keeps him alive. Keeps him checking his gear and practicing EP’s in the plane and that sort of thing

  23. Fuck off Thank you! If someone says there’s a tradition, I’m sticking to it

  24. Pretty sure I was standing just off to the left on the porch of the packing loft when this photo was taken. Glad you had a good time!

  25. It was an absolute blast! Defiantly catch me out there next year😁😁

  26. Y? It's not us you should worry about. It's the inevitable heat death caused by the expanding sun that'll destroy the earth.

  27. That’s okay, we aren’t the only life bearing planet in the universe

  28. Have some buddies up in Grass Valley, might have to go visit them and get some ink!

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