1. What I mean is this outfit (atleast imo) is a downgrade in terms of looks

  2. No also it'd be weird to see someone supposed to be a teenager wear underwear almost all the time

  3. Well they already said he's going to be wearing his iconic yellow suit

  4. Yeah, also we haven't really seen that wolverine yet and isn't Deadpool in that timeline as well

  5. Maybe recast Jesse Isenberg for some who seems more villainous and less ‘kooky’.

  6. He felt like one of those kids at school that says "I'm so quirky"

  7. OMC links fnaf world and UCN and fnaf seems to be a different version of the fnaf 3 mini games. And AR is definitely confusing because while the emails are definitely canon the gameplay is questionable

  8. I just meant it's harder to determine if it's canon or not compared to the emails

  9. Just make great individual movies instead of trying to fit all the movies into one big universe.

  10. https://twitter.com/overwatchleague/status/1593409000376135680

  11. How would that work, wasn’t the 3 jokers story explaining the many different versions of joker over the many years of the comic continuity.

  12. Yes but you could do it has 3 jokers batman has met over the years or just 3 jokers but now that I think of it it'd probably be better as a animated movie

  13. If the material is indestructible, how did Martha rewove it?

  14. In man of tomorrow they say it broke many saws just to cut threw it

  15. Plus Poison was a true friend to Harley and always encouraged her to leave Joker and stay away from him. She was a true friend

  16. She's actually pretty abusive to Harley and wants all life but plants dead

  17. The successful rebranding of the fish guys has made me extremely happy. Aquaman was obviously a hit and I love how they reinterpreted namor and talokan and the story behind it

  18. Disagree, it needs a whole trilogy. 3rd HAS to bring in Batman so we can see Joker fight him with the perspective of Batman being the villain.

  19. Why do they still have the checkmark? It isn't there so you can recognise they're official, because everyone can get it. Or am I misunderstanding something?

  20. Closeted homosexual, so everyone thinks his secret is that he's gay and no one ever digs deeper as it's his choice to let people know.

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