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  1. You’re forgetting that RMAH was reviled nearly universally by the players of the game because it set up a pay-to-win system.

  2. It is a tool that will enable developers to complete rote tasks like you’ve described in record time. But it cannot compete with a proper developer when it comes to writing novel code, or tackling unique and complex tasks.

  3. Kavanaugh keeps surprising me. He’s blatantly conservative on some things, but moderate on others in ways I didn’t anticipate. Not what I was expecting from Mr. Boys Will Be Boys.

  4. Hey Martin! I like the idea of using gravity for the tightness of the machine, but I have five pieces of feedback on this:

  5. Could you explain a little more? As someone who has never done any racing (IRL nor gaming), what's going on here? To me it looks like OP found an opening and won the race, how come everyone's blaming him?

  6. The game is meant to be a racing simulation. Smashing your car into an opponent going 80+mph around a turn would generally be seen as a "dick move" in most resl life racing circles.

  7. Thing is, for drivers who aren’t used to racing with people, this doesn’t look or feel like a slam or a smash. This feels like a gentle tap compared to people who somehow play billiards with their automobiles. When you couple it with the fact that the AI is notorious for doing this exact thing, you’ve got a setup where the game almost encourages this behavior in single-player mode, and then doesn’t punish it whatsoever in multiplayer.

  8. I don’t know what specific event this is referring to, but it can apply to pretty much everything that’s happened the past 2+ years. They don’t understand us and they are scared shitless.

  9. Honestly, I’d love a 2H Group 1 endurance race series. Take two hours per Saturday for a month or two and hit a different track each week to get through the series.

  10. I’m not in the area but I want to wish you luck! I’ve got a lot of friends up there, many of whom play DnD, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something.

  11. Amazing the difference a camera can make to the sense of speed.

  12. It’s subtle, but the camera trails farther behind at higher speeds, and rushes in on braking. It’s a more arcade-style feel, but you’re right that it conveys speed more effectively.

  13. In VR I feel that sensation of speed so viscerally that it can sometimes be unsettling.

  14. Oh absolutely. When I’m playing in VR, my smart watch thinks I’m exercising because of how much my pulse starts to race—especially in faster vehicles and really tight fields.

  15. When the price movement makes no logical sense, people can grow superstitious. I remember growing up, for awhile I had a belief that if I slept on my pillow incorrectly, it would cause my local baseball team to do poorly the next day. These are largely random events that have no connection to one another, but the brain will see any sort of pattern as evidence of causality. And what’s worse: sometimes people will even go out of their way to review patterns that aren’t actually there.

  16. Until they lose control, remember, the sneeze did happen, and you can bet that Plotkin and Hwang lost control.

  17. I mean yeah, I’m just trying to say that crossing this one particular line isn’t going to cause a ton of pain. Now, if this positive trend continues? Yes, there will be pain for SHFs. But not yet.

  18. The good thing about the 5e SRD going Creative Commons is that it will still always be available. I’m planning on buying up as many of the sourcebooks as I can do that I’ll be able to play 5e ‘til kingdom come. All you need is the sourcebook to be able to keep playing.

  19. Mine sounded exactly like this before I had it serviced. Turns out, there was a small defect in one of the parts that was supposed to keep water in, and it resulted in the entire gear assembly rusting out over time, and the bearings seizing up. I was lucky I’d bought the protection plan, because the cost for parts alone was more than what I paid for the unit itself.

  20. Honestly, my main problem is that they didn’t design the game around playing as a party. My partner and our roommate have been trying to enjoy the game and play through the story, but there is so much jank involved in the multiplayer story experience that it’s a little bit absurd. Someone somewhere made the design decision to make it so that all party members need to watch cutscenes together, and that one person advancing quest dialogue advances it for everyone. This is a terrible design.

  21. we are already dealing with inflation & prices going up. things continually get more expensive while wages don’t increase at all

  22. As a software engineer? This is a terrible idea. Give me as many discrete, analog buttons, knobs, levers, and other controls as possible. The more that is automated, the more that can fail, and when you start tying that to critical systems, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

  23. Why shouldn’t she be? Also, how are you inferring that she’s naked when all you can see is her shoulders?

  24. I second this. There are many styles of play, and if a like-minded group is searching for this type of game that's totally fine. But I have seen posts looking for 1 on 1 sexual fantasy RP, often from a user that posts tons of stuff like that.

  25. I often report this shit, but there’s no specific rule against it in the sub.

  26. Ngl, this is why we own the seasons through iTunes and have them saved locally on a home media server.

  27. Negligent discharge.. in the army, that’d be an article 15 and a demotion. And being THAT GUY in his company.

  28. It didn’t even look intentional. It looked like he was surprised when the gun went off, and like he was trying to line it up. If anything, the suspect was lucky that happened, because the officer’s aim was at nothing, instead of at one of his vital organs.

  29. This is not the critical margin line. This is not the line where hedgies are fucked. This is A line of resistance. Crossing upward is bullish af, but it’s not about to trigger anything major.

  30. Because when you are using your cellphone, you’re focused on the content that’s being displayed rather than the phone itself.

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