1. Possession alone is not even a misdemeanor now in Oregon..... it's a ticket on the first offense and goes up to misdemeanor after many offenses

  2. I'll admit I forgot about Oregon decriminalization... but the other 49 states haven't been so lucky

  3. Oh god. This is bad, but is it worse than the woman who replied that more people died during 9/11 than all of slavery? That one was tough for the eyeballs

  4. How is NOBODY taking about how the lead actor kidnapped people?

  5. "The actor must pay a $500 fine and serve one year of probation. On Friday, Ezra Miller pleaded guilty to unlawful trespassing of a Vermont home. They must pay a $500 fine and serve one year of probation."

  6. Im not sure....because outside of the flash, i havent seen ezra's name mentioned in any other upcoming movies...although what OJ was put on trial for was ostensibly much, much worse than anything ezra has been accused of

  7. Butterscotch candies. What is it about getting old that makes everyone love butterscotch?

  8. what my grandmother (RIP) and a few other older people told me is that the different medications they take can give them cotton mouth so they always keep some hard candy on them

  9. ahhh....the mysteries of life....lol i actually dont know why for that part

  10. These jobs need to be done, but the people who do them shouldn't make enough to live off of, obviously

  11. Violence! Chirak! Extremely cold weather, one of the highest taxes, the most crooked politicians, all the tickets issued for no reason. And all the anti gun movement tha has left 90% of the city defenseless. I've lived here all my life and for the life of me don't get why anyone would want to live here? I mean the film all the batman movies here for a reason. Its the real life Gotham city.

  12. Anti gun? I live in Chicago and have my foid card with the ccl endorsement, it was pretty easy to get too....are you not actually from chicago?

  13. That Chicago isn't as bad as media makes it out to be, especially when you look at the actual statistics and not sensational news highlights... everyone not from here that I talk to thinks it's exactly what they see on tv

  14. Nope, sexual orientation, gender identities, and sexualization are all very different things. Unless you think that your child having a crush on another child is "sexualizing" them (often they dont know what sex is, they just have a romantic interest), or calling your child any gendered term (he or her for example) is sexualizing them. Sexualizing would be finding or trying to make a child sexually interesting in some way. That's not what's happening.

  15. Details and nuance aren't gonna fly in here most likely

  16. I think he meant "can you?" Like will the escort let you.... that's how I took it

  17. Never more than a week.... once did 13 weeks when I was at boot camp and AIT but no droughts since then

  18. As long as they are able to take care of themselves, I don't care if they work at McDonald's or if they're a CEO....it doesn't make a woman more or less attractive to me and it's not a qualifier for me to possibly date them

  19. As an important side-note, I'd like to ask everyone here if they learned about the following things in school?:

  20. It seems this isn't a good comparison if we're talking strictly about us history and not world history

  21. you could've used this as an example though... he only got 6 months

  22. If it's not the same judge and in the same locale then it doesn't matter. And one is a federal case. He deserves more time though

  23. John Brown remains the most based man of that era, no contest.

  24. You obviously haven't spent 10 minutes in Philadelphia otherwise you would know that this story is probably repeated daily tens of times daily. Possibly hundreds of times daily given how close large Asian populations live to the blacks. If you don't want to educate yourself with information presented on this subreddit, why do you read it?

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