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  1. It'll come out just in time for next year's NFL ticket....

  2. They are the worst. Homercast that bitches on EVERY call. Sideline girl seems like a beginner and the pregame girl is a robot

  3. Yes, you can get the baseball package as you described.

  4. It won't impact the product, it's a little hard to get it to fully dissolve (small clumps) but workable for sure.

  5. How's the blind date going you two??

  6. And the pictures they exchanged were accurate.... Catfished at a Cavs game feels wrong...lol

  7. Did we basically shoot our load in international money on this guy? Meaning we only have a little over a million left to sign a class with?

  8. They're a little outside your preferred area, but Adolescent and Pediatric Medicine on Reed Road, just south of Bethel, is excellent - all the doctors there are good.

  9. We drive from GV... Been going there over 16 years and added a new patient this year. We love it!

  10. Red Brick Tap and Grill in Merion Village has it was well.

  11. This screams 'looking at my phone'....

  12. All the Dialed carts are really nice, totally agree!

  13. I have this issue and was just searching the sub for assistance as well. It's interesting because I'm on a fire stick 4K as well. Only happens on YTTV.

  14. Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. After watching this video... The last question on my mind is "is it a gator?"....

  16. Depends, what's the Christmas meal planned?? Argh come on just kidding!

  17. He means Bally but I didn't know it was that bad. What would happen to coverage if they do go bankrupt? There are a lot of RSNs!

  18. It's fascinating because of how hard they're getting killed for that deal in the first place. Mad Dog alone made airwaves everywhere with his view on that deal.

  19. As the proud owner of a Mario Balotelli jersey.... Maybe just stick to some nice retro gear....

  20. Could you please send me a link if you can find it? Is Retro preferable to the newer ones?

  21. Sorry just meant to say current players' jerseys can go worthless overnight. The team shop is the best spot, everything I've gotten from there is high quality.

  22. The front office fucked 2022. When your fall back is a lifetime back up... You fucked the season Berry.

  23. That will be like 4 different chief meteorologists at 10 TV in 5 years. Seems unusually high?

  24. Who the hell downvotes an observation??

  25. LaMarr won't quit because he can't quit!!!!

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