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  1. He sounds like an amazing man. Thank you for sharing his stories. I wish him luck.

  2. If this happened to me, there would be no conversation. I’d divorce them. Terribly sorry about your abusive relationship.

  3. This is such a horrible situation. Unfortunate that it falls onto all of you. I’m terribly sorry for your family. Fuck Dave.

  4. I can relate to this. Sometimes, our own emotions are too complex to process. Very sorry that you feel this way. 💛

  5. It is grooming. Both of you are at completely different stages in your life. A 22-year-old has absolutely no business with a 15-year-old. I am so sorry.

  6. I relate to cutting someone off because I can’t handle my own feelings. I love you, “F.” I want you to be mine again.

  7. I am glad that someone listened to you and understood you. It hurts terribly when you cry for help and nobody seems to care or even invalidates you. 💛

  8. Thank you so much, and same to you. It has been agonizing that I can’t get through to her. To tell her not to forget me too much because I want to try again. With an improved version of myself.

  9. That’s awesome. Congratulations. Keep at it. You’ll be up to 10 reps in no time.

  10. I was there 4 years ago. I am terribly sorry. Please take care of yourself.

  11. There are good people out there with the best of intentions. Then there are the bad ones with ulterior motives who prey on others. You cannot always tell these two kinds of people apart apart. What happened to you is not your fault. I am very sorry.

  12. I will be fine eventually. I just hope she is willing to wait for me. I told her I’m going to look for someone closer when I am ready, but I think I’m making a mistake. I won’t have time for a while, and she is amazing.

  13. Brother. Unfortunately, life waits for no man. If this is truly the woman you see yourself with for the rest of your life, fight for what you love. However, if it’s impossible at the current moment in time, let her go. You both will be better for it. Cheers, and wish you the best.

  14. Neither of us are available to date for the next few years, and she is truly incredible. I’ve also never felt so beautiful because of how someone has treated me in my life. Until I met her. She’s so hard-working, encouraging, and beautiful inside and out. I do not want her to get away. I am willing to wait. Hopefully, she is too.

  15. I told my last partner how my abusive ex would intentionally make me chase her by putting me on read. She never ever would do that to me. It would take a maximum of 2 days to get back to me sometimes, but she never wanted to make me squirm. It hurt her that I was in pain.

  16. No matter how disturbed I was from my past and last partner, she has been extremely patient, and she has continued to believe in me. I was guilty of projecting onto her sometimes, but she stayed with me and tried to minimize my behaviors. I’m so unbelievably sad that things aren’t meant to be right now. I just hope there is a way to reserve her properly. I don’t want her to get away. 😞

  17. I hope you’re not too late, I’m in a similar position as I met and incredible guy and we’re both crazy about eachother but both in school. I hope he’s not too late. If you don’t want her to get away tell her

  18. I broke up with her two nights ago. It is too soon to reach back out after the hurt I have caused her. She wants space to emotionally detach a bit.

  19. He has an addiction, and he cannot save himself. I am so sorry. This is nobody’s fault. It is very hard to give up on someone you love, but you have to save yourself sometimes.

  20. Today, I had my first fantasy of disappearing off the face of the earth in years. Thought I was done with this shit, but I feel myself going absolutely nowhere. I feel your post so hard.

  21. I do not encourage other men not to open up to women. But I will say that I hesitate sometimes because I fear that the person I open up to will take advantage of me or use it against me or to control me. I have trust issues. It’s so easy to exploit people based on their vulnerabilities, and the world can be a dark place.

  22. Nothing. I thought I was done with this shit a few years ago.

  23. The more I like you, the clingier I get. If you intend on being with me for life, children are a must.

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