What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm gay"?

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  1. If the bill legitimately just prevents congressmen from trading stock, a cool 4d move would be for Pelosi to come out in support of it

  2. How could you possibly omit Tony Blair and George W. Bush together. They are arguably the most prolific Pres/Prime Minister of the last century other than FDR/Churchill and maybe Reagan/Thatcher.

  3. Wtf. I take it you have all collectible cards?

  4. didn’t he quit smoking until literally hours after he left the white house?

  5. They absolutely will never be replaced by computers because it’s not all about research and the really important cases come down to value judgments, something we would never let computers do (and might even be impossible by definition for them to do).


  7. When you get a lower user score then the live action dragon ball show you know you messed up.

  8. The entire point of the comic is the Velma show is farming views by generating "outrage".

  9. John McCain graduated 894 out of 899 in the naval academy and ended up becoming one of the most prolific senators of all time.

  10. John McCain was a weak,cowardly POS. Just like Trump,Obama,Bush,Cheney and Clinton. All these corporate chickenhawks that Americans suck off

  11. You can call McCain a lot of things, but weak and cowardly are not them.

  12. I think Clinton should have been censured. You're not wrong about the national security thing, and he was more conservative than he should have been, but I feel impeachment was a step too far. He should have been punished, but removing him from office would be absurd.

  13. If Monica had been his first abuse of power, or if he had not lied under oath, or if he had not gone on television and lied to the people, I would agree regarding the censure.

  14. Y’all know him, Still same OG, But he’s been low-key

  15. The most remarkable thing was that even though the odds were heavily against Ukraine at the beginning of the conflict, he did not abandon and flee his country to save himself, he stayed in Kyiv the whole time.

  16. The crazy thing is I wouldn't even care to call it "abandoning" if he left the country. Overseeing the war from a country he was more safe from assassination is arguably the better move.

  17. Wow! He beat Harvey Weinstein, Benedict Arnold (obviously for the British), all the Kardashians, Joel Olstein, everyone at Fox News, Pauly Shore, Lee Harvey Oswald, and so many other deserving candidates. Trump is number 1!

  18. I did not draw Menphina. Shoutout to the original talented artist

  19. Not to diminish her work too much but it's easier to write when someone else created the characters and setting

  20. Not to diminish her work, but [diminishes her work].

  21. I still have a stuffed toy version of that dog. He says the usual “Yo quiero Taco Bell” but then also quotes a very specific Taco Bell ad that cross-promoted a Godzilla movie. He says “Heeere lizard lizard lizard!” And “I think I need a bigger box.”

  22. Man I been lagging like crazy and crying in chat, shout, alliance, and novice network. And people think I’m crazy and make fun of my internet.

  23. Tyty. I figured I was not the only one.

  24. I don't think most people believed they were impartial even beGore this last few years.

  25. The few times i did blind prog atleast 1 person would have obviously seen a guide, acting like they hadnt lul

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