1. Crying about what?? Now I'm pretty sure you can't read or you're just an idiot either way this conversation has gone too long.

  2. You said dumb shit, the majority clearly disagrees with you. Grow up and accept it, instead of trying to twist it into some disingenious "No you!"-moment. It only makes YOU look like an even bigger idiot. Bye! 👋😊

  3. I jumped ship during S4. I just couldn't deal with a lot of the writing anymore, even back then already. 😅 Maybe I'll eventually watch all of it. I have revisited S1 a couple times though.

  4. lol it really was ugly. I personally hated most of everyone's outfits and jewelry. The Costume designers on this show suck.

  5. The people who chose the music on the other hand tho Chef's kiss

  6. You don't determine what is rape and what isn't from the predator's perspective, but from the victim's. From the moment Caroline screamed: "Get away from me!", she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Damon compelled her, he took away her consent. And he most definetly slept with her again. Without her consent. It's rape, no denying it. Rape even exists in the animal world, and Damon is way closer to human than a dolphin still. "You're a monster, and can do whatever you want." Why would he be a monster then, if it wasn't rape? A monster is a horrible, cruel, and scary thing. He's a monster BECAUSE he commits rape (whilst being a fantasy being, yes. But we don’t call unicorns "monsters").

  7. Oooh, interesting. I thought about books that are in the same vein as those crowded paintings, which seem to portray a normal scene at first glance, but the longer you look the more unnerving and/or unnatural details you spot. Your suggestion sounds like it might be something like that. 😁

  8. If you take out the mystery to be solved part and just leave the "Am I the only one who sees how shit things are?" you kind of just described the term "Kafkaesque" so I would suggest The Trial if you haven't read it! It's maddening in the most subtly-off ways.

  9. I read it in German class back in school, but thought about giving it a reread this year! 😊

  10. The books are... weird. I made it through the first five of them (the sixth is still untouched in my shelf), and the fifth is... So, if I remember correctly, Klaus is defeated in book 4, bc a bunch of ghosts carry him up into the sky? Like to the moon? And in book 5, kitsune demon twins invade the town for some reason, and they dress like goths, lol. And they have mosquitos, that sting people, and make them mind-controlled. A bunch of teen girls in the town start giving themselves piercings, and become extremely lewd, bc of the mind control. At one point trees attack Elena's friends? Elena had returned from the dead, and was just floating around, and was on the mental level of a little child. Stefan tied her to his car like a ballon once. Oh and one of the kitsune twins traps Elena in a snow globe once. I genuinely think the writer was on something there.

  11. "IS AMBER HEARD GOING TO SUE US?!?" As if Amber has been doing any of the sueing other than one(!) counter(!)-suit.

  12. Never once did he rape anyone, that’s not even one of the charges… just checked, he actually hasn’t even yet been charged with anything, he’s only ever been accused, and not even one of the accusations is dealing with rape.

  13. Yes, he has been charged, he just has not been convicted yet. And one of these charges is rape, indeed. Are you living under a rock? And at least three women have credibly accused him of rape.

  14. Wasn't it an ex-girlfriend who was no longer with him? That was my understanding anyways. Willing to be corrected if I'm wrong...it still could have been coerced, but my understanding was she was no longer with him and was outside of his control? If that's the case, I think we need to take her at her word at this point that it was just kink stuff and was consensual.

  15. I mean, in the VICE docu, a woman said that Andrew would message her from various numbers, and remind her that he still has his eye on her. That behaviour, plus his alleged ties with organized crime (other than his own), makes it extremely likely that he threatened and pressured her, and maybe paid her off. Just because one's physically away from their abuser doesn't mean, that their control is gone, especially on a psychological level.

  16. Why yes, obviously it's speculation? But it's based off of an extremely big probability. With everything we know about him and how he operates (so technically, we don’t just have her word to go on, at all), questioning the truth of her statement is just healthy skepticism. Cases of victims lying or retracting out of fear, are numerous.

  17. Just how are those random people connected to BL and her co stars? 🤣 I think you just don't like the fact that Brie is indeed well-liked by anyone but MRAs. I know that MRAs were heavily insisting back then, that the MCU cast is "on their side" in their dislike of BL, and they based that off of the "body language" of the actors around BL or whatever, it was extremely weird, sad, and parasocial, lmao.

  18. Jesus Christ, why you are this unnecessarily hostile? Are you Crisp Rat? Are your feefees still hurt? And they didn't say "they loved Brie during promotion". Don Cheadle went out of his way to defend Brie on social media as well. Sam Jackson has an actual friendship with her and has gifted her his original lightsaber from when he was in Star Wars. Evans and Johansson have been friendly with her for years prior to Marvel... want me to continue? Can your parasocial love for Crisp Rat deal with this?

  19. OP, do you have the primary source? I wanna check the crime scene.

  20. I don't, sorry. A friend sent me these, I think they got them from Tumblr. I have no doubt that the OG-post most likely is on Twitter instead. 😬

  21. She genuinely seems sweet. Psychos need to leave her alone.

  22. Considering recent developements, I don't think anyone would want his team anymore. 😬

  23. I love the obvious pettiness oozing from this. Tell them, Aneurin!

  24. They would probably still try to twist this into a moment of the victim snapping and trying to regain power, for sure. Even though this is clearly not the language of a victim. At the same time they don't want to fathom the idea that Amber could have tried to do this (regain some power for herself as the victim) at any point. They will twist and turn everything around into what suits them on the spot.

  25. I mean... was ANYONE excited for or even remotely interested in this movie?

  26. This is definitely me when I realize Hitler is responsible for H3

  27. All the people, including myself, realizing Hitler is responsible for their existence: 👁👄👁

  28. Not a lie at all, especially the fact about the cheapest staples, but okay. 😆

  29. Spoken with confidence and peak ignorance. I said "the cheapest staples". In the western hemisphere alone, that's potatoes, rice, pasta, flour, oats, bananas, raisins... those are the bases for all meals in a day. Add whatever vegetable is lower priced (beans are always a great option), and you got a day of rather nutritious and filling meals. You get a bulk of these for little money (especially potatoes), you can store them longer, without energy like you would have to do with a piece of meat in the freezer... want me to continue?

  30. I have to be honest, the reading of Plato's Allegory of the Cave felt hamfisted and elementary. Outside of books, of which I'm aware of exactly none that may have influenced the show outside of Kate Chopin's The Awakening (as I just finished the show 10 minutes ago if that), I felt a heavy Dark City influence for much of it? At a guess, I'd stab at some Conrad influence à la Heart of Darkness and The Secret-Sharer, some Jung and Freud ideas, maybe even Hesse's Steppenwolf although that could be a stretch. Obviously some German Existentialism is near and dear to the heart of things here, so one couldn't go wrong reading even Thomas Mann and thinking on the connections, but the more obvious ones would be Schopenhauer, as oft bandied about here, Nietzsche's eternal return (and especially as beautifully explored in S1 of True Detective)...

  31. Metaphysics: the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space. "they would regard the question of the initial conditions for the universe as belonging to the realm of metaphysics or religion" abstract theory with no basis in reality.

  32. My husband thought the same and then I said "The boy has blue eyes, Daniel has dark brown eyes, they can't be the same person. If one thing Dark does incredibly well is casting the perfect people for all the different stages of their lives." I thought they could be related but definitely not the same person just because of the eye colour.

  33. ACTUALLY... young Jonas had blue eyes and adult Jonas had hazel/light brown eyes...😅

  34. He’s had a run of questionable stuff, even waaay before then, but people sweep it under the rug. I say this as someone who was a stan and paid $200+ to get a picture with him. Dude is the definition of “shut up and just sit and be pretty” but he can’t shut up

  35. Not really (swept under the rug). Everything problematic about him was shared widely from 2020 onwards, when his fandom had its first real major meltdown, when he was first seen with that Spanish actress that everyone hated. It's more so, that none of his stuff is yet severe enough (esp for celebrity standards), to cause a larger reaction than stans losing their delusions of him being a perfect Prince Charming. (Except for P&T, but even in that case, the fault lies even more with the people who pushed this project all the way through regardless)

  36. Still a stretch to imply Germany is on the same level as Qatar when it comes to human rights

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