1. Moass this week and I get the one of RC on the couch in titanic 😍

  2. Jeevus H... I mean, Samuel L Jackson from Long Kiss Goodnight said it best: " you can see them thangs coming around the corner. Got time to comb ya hair, shit!"

  3. I think there's another layer to it. Shares have been recalled to vote. I wonder whether they have to be kept until vote certified on 6/15 at shm.

  4. As three of the largest banks operating in Greater Philadelphia have continued to prune their local branch count in recent weeks, one bank is being opportunistic about adding new locations.

  5. Just need to raise 2.5 billion. Come on man, just 2.5 bill. You know I'm good for it. I won't spend it on cocaine and hookers again I promise.

  6. Totally makes sense: head in sand for extended periods of time leads to festoons. Same for Mayo.

  7. That's very low. I'm looking for 50 ypg rushing and 200 passing and if healthy for all 17, that's 850 rushing and 3400 passing for the season. Not unrealistic especially after some time together say after the chiefs game, if the line and wr upgrades play remotely close to their potential. That doesn't mean that translates to wins with the d-line question marks. That will come after another off season. Then after 2024 it's about the balancing act of roster with the fields contract. How much does he take/we give vs the knowledge that every million he receives takes away from the supporting cast...very excited to see where this team is at after each quarter of the season.

  8. If a franchise QB is the type of guys that makes you scream "You fucking idiot!" At your TV at least once every Sunday then yes


  10. It'll jump to something stupid like $28, they'll hype and say squeeze and that's it's the last chance to sell, short it to shit, and we'll just keep buying.

  11. I’ve got the banana right here , point me to the hole!! 🍌🕳️👀

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