Biden Caught on Hot Mic: ‘No One F*cks with a Biden’

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Astronomer here! I was named by Astronomy magazine as one of the “25 Rising Stars in Astronomy” thanks in part to my posts about space on Reddit!

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  1. This says to me they have the goods on her and have been waiting to find a way to release the info publicly. They want a BIG stage.

  2. It'd be hollow outrage anyhow. There is nothing the UN can do about it. China has embedded itself so deeply in global trade that sanctions against them is self harm.

  3. First Native American woman in space, the article says. There was a Cherokee astronaut a few years back.

  4. There was a Chickasaw man as well, title slightly incorrect

  5. I think the guy was Chickasaw and Cherokee if I remember correctly. I need to look it up.

  6. Regarding sovereignty of American Indians Reagan said "We shouldn't have indulged them".

  7. The full article is in the November 2022 issue if you want to read about everyone else- which I definitely recommend, it’s a stellar cohort I’m honored to be included in!

  8. Holy Mackerel! What a cool post. Congrats to you and thanks for patiently explaining complex topics to the great unwashed of reddit. We are appreciative!

  9. I mean it's not the same thing as Taiwan, there's no one who can invade Canada easily. Our location is world ez mode, Taiwan is on hard mode

  10. 90% of the Canadian population lives within 100 miles of the US border. They are massing for an attack!

  11. Yeah his chess pieces were weighted

  12. They cut open the Queen and there was a Knight inside.

  13. That'll make the radical right wingers hate Disney even more.

  14. You know there's rampant fuckery when even the prospect of oversight makes them flee.

  15. The ones who are leaving now probably should work in another profession.

  16. The general wanted to fry his ass. Instead, he couldn't believe it, but he sent him back to Top Gun.

  17. I feel like the US is finally getting fed up with a lot of the shit that's going on right now with all these authoritarian regime's. Basically them saying "Show's over you asshats. Uncle Sam's had enough."

  18. Did the Russians and Chinese think there would not be a price to pay for their shenanigans?

  19. When conservatives talk about wasteful government spending, why don’t they ever mention the literal fucking millions the little boys blue syphon from the state every year to pay for their thuggery?

  20. I went to high school with a weirdo guy who became an LA cop. I spoke with him 10 years after graduation and he said he had four lawsuits against him personally for crimes committed by him while he was a cop. It should be universal that you can sue cops personally.

  21. Nor have they for 40 years. The corruption in Mexico is off the chart. There’s not another country with such a high market cap that is also equivalently unregulated and unsecured.

  22. The US is making unprecedented investments in Mexico to move manufacturing from Asia to North America. Mexican labor is now half of Chinese labor when you factor in transportation and energy costs.

  23. Huh? Tom Hanks very much looks his age. Did you mean Tom Cruise?

  24. The conspiracy stories I've read name Tom Hanks for some reason. Even though he has the rep of being a very decent man.

  25. Someone on twitter who is a china knower said that Xi just isn't very good at anything except holding onto power. This could just be the actions of a 'leader' who doesn't have any actual ideas.

  26. Their best course of action would be to ask the US for 3 billion doses of vaccine. But that will never happen so they continue with theirs which don't work. If they were to stop their zero-Covid policy they will be overrun with cases. They are out of options.

  27. Out of 5000 years it was constant warfare. There was no "unified China". That area was known by a lot of names including The Ten Kingdoms, The Sixteen States. The Three Kingdoms, etc.

  28. It turned to coal. That's literally what happened. All the coal in the world comes from the period in history when trees had just arrived on the scene. No microorganisms existed that could eat dead wood, so dead trees just kept piling up. By the time dead-wood-eating microorganisms did develop, much of the wood had long been buried, so it was spared from decomposition. After millions of years under pressure, this wood became coal.

  29. "All the coal in the world comes from this period"

  30. In rural areas they have the highest amount of people getting their information exclusively from state controlled media and the lowest amount of VPN users. This is the result. A society that is happy to send their loved ones into war to kill and be killed by an imaginary threat.

  31. They are like Trump supporters in red states. If Trump started a war they would be ready to send the young to die.

  32. Wow. His wife literally tried to overthrow the government.

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