To wave a Palestinian flag at a protest for democracy

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That's a little funny

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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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"He gets us" is taken over my feed

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  1. A woke show made by people who think belief in conspiracy theories is pure evil what could possibly go wrong.

  2. Daily reminder that Israel is a genocidal state commiting apartheid and other crimes against humanity on a level akin to South Africa and you barely get to hear about it in mainstream media.

  3. Surprised it's taken this long for the shekels (aka hotpokets) to arrive

  4. They survived long enough. There's nothing consumers and the general public can against this though. They'll win sooner or later. Surprised it took them this long tbh

  5. *there's another thread with the same issue, redirected*

  6. I don't know why people downvoted you but it is probably right answer. there are tons of compliants in reddit and riot forums stating that valorant having a problem of space consumption

  7. It's not really consumption. The reported size is just a bug. The actual game size is around 20gb.

  8. It's usually a bug. Valorant for example would show as 1TB+ even when having a 1TB drive. It's not the actual used size.

  9. Get uBlock Origin, you won't see any ads ever anywhere. Use Brave as your browser. For YouTube use SponsorBlock to even block in-video sponsorships.

  10. Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia in Barcelona. Samsung paid for repairs in exchange of running ads, covering the scafolding while the construction was underway.

  11. That’s spot on. It’s been pretty much every single new gun introduced… it’s released, it’s the most insane over powered monstrosity. They sell the shit out of some blueprints and then BAM; nerfed to shit.

  12. They also do it with some operators/skins, introduce it as broken/invisible, let people buy for two weeks and fix it.

  13. Worst fucking meta ever in any game. The person or persons responsible for this atrocity should be fired on the. spot and never be allowee near a videogame balancing team.

  14. Came here to say this. Something like a 10 character password with letters, numbers, and special characters could possibly take thousands of years to brute force, which means that even if the db is stolen you are probably safe.

  15. This would be pure brute forcing which is almost useless. People often refer to brute force attacks to mean when they use some helps like dictionary attacks or tools that can guess when a given character was correct (if the security is flawed).

  16. Also how much you wanna bet virtually the entire reason for this stat is because there are now more female journalists, most likely in dangerous zones.

  17. Afaik it's a trial run for the new AI class that will become playable in future patches

  18. I heard it will play on the humans class in the end tho

  19. It's an item that managed to read the entire manual and all the items descriptions, so when asked it can pull random strings together.

  20. Damn I just realised I don’t actually care about any of this

  21. Im really happy for you or sorry for your loss take

  22. She was being racist towards white people so according to some not racist at all.

  23. Also usually these are the worst kind. In their twisted view they think racism is "prejudice + power", so they think it's not even racist at all if it's against whites, jews and sometimes asians (when they get fucked by academia/tech quotas for example). Usually other racists are aware and admit they think their ethnicity is superior, and are aware this is viewed as wrong by others.

  24. Hi, so in this current climate, what are the words verboten?

  25. I always considered The Matrix to be similar to the internet, too big to effectively police. The agents can’t monitor everything that happens because it is just too much data. Instead, agents scan for unusual or eye catching events.

  26. This makes sense. Remember, they're harvesting humans for energy. Monitoring every person's activities would be a major drain that it would make the whole thing useless.

  27. And that's why they hang out with police forces. If you see someone getting chased and police behind, well they're trying to arrest someone.

  28. https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/ukraine-crisis-russia-missiles-chips/

  29. that seems like a really dumb way to evaluate the worth of things

  30. Welcome to a stock based economy. A company being stable makes absolutely no sense. You have to continously sell on the PROMISE that your company will grow indefinitely. That's why companies now, specially tech, like to operate at a loss. Netflix can throw hundreds of millions at movies that nobody watches, being in the red for years, but they get investors attention by growing their market or generating buzz. In the end, the stock value barely reflects the current well-being of a company, but what they all colllectively think of its future.

  31. Because Russia still has plenty of shit it can throw at Ukraine, and Putin is the sort of dictator who refuses to accept anything less than reality bending to his will.

  32. Just in case people confuse things, the latest elections in Russia gave Putin a 77% win, with the second place being 11%. The word you may be looking for is authoritarian, but he has won the popular vote, not like the previous US president for example.

  33. If i am not mistaken several European countries- (Germany, Netherlands )are also buying Russian oil again to control the cost of living. Also China/India is refining the oil and selling it to EU members .

  34. Who would have thought sanctioning one of the biggest oil exporters would harm... oil supplies.

  35. Yeah this is straight from the leech turned popular streamer handbook.

  36. LSF forgetting how many famous streamers started as desperate snipers and clout chasers

  37. A requirement for good science is that anyone with the same equipment and process should be able to replicate your submitted results. I claim I invented a miracle material and publish a paper, you should be able to verify the claims I made by repeating the experiment.

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