1. Recommendations on which 5x3 to go with on RE deathblade? The normal one with adrenaline and RE maxed or the cursed doll maxed, adren at lvl 2 and RE at lvl 1. I’ve tested both in trixion and the cursed doll build out damages just slightly.

  2. 4x3+2+1 does more damage than 5x3 and is probably cheaper due to not needing RE books, but you get CD negative and less AS / MS. The damage isn't huge enough where RE1 is vastly superior though, it's basically would you rather take QoL or <5% damage

  3. Yeah I’m running lvl 1 re already so I’m pretty comfortable with it. I’ve already bought 10 cd books so I think I will just go that route.

  4. Is swiftness time to hunt super troll or actually viable.

  5. Is there anyway to ping your cooldowns like in league? Or is the feature non existent. Was just thinking about it today and though it would be really great to be able to ping certain awakenings or if your counter is on cd.

  6. NA East- Clown IGN: Raspberryjuice I’m looking for a learning party for clown, have done my research and just need to put it to the test.

  7. Do you have another link? This one expired. Thank you!

  8. It's only 1 in 64 million if you only ever roll the dice 6 times. But you undoubtedly rolled the dice beforehand. And you undoubtedly rolled the dice after.

  9. But in that instance it’s considered 1 in 64 million no?

  10. Any reason as to why destruction stones are dropping so low? Thinking of buying a ton before Brel comes out and just converting.

  11. Been trying to find clown prog parties for 2 weeks. My main is 1485 and 4x3+1 DB and most of the time people want ranged for g3. Should I just force push my bard which is 1415 right now? I think I have enough raw mats to do so.

  12. While it's certainly a lot easier to deal with ball/tower spawns on g3 with a ranged dps, it's more than possible to clear with full melee dps party. You just have to be more careful with not getting gauge while killing them.

  13. Yeah when I make my own parties and label them as prog, I sometimes wait hours for a support to apply.

  14. I don’t have 18 Los or cliff is it better just to run the max hp set?

  15. Will cursed doll books get even cheaper? Should I wait and buy the 20 in bulk?

  16. imo, never buy books in bulk ... always stagger them out. Set a target price and buy them at that price or lower. I was able to buy all adrenaline books last week in one without breaking the bank. As another mentioned reset day typically will be the lowest price point

  17. My amulet auto dismantle is broken for some reason. I have tripods favorites in my notification tree but it doesn’t dismantle still.

  18. What determines what kind of map you get from a gate? Or is it just rng.

  19. You can move on before killing all the mobs, but if there are things on the ground when you go through the portal you won’t pick up those drops.

  20. Oh so your pet auto loot isn’t fast enough?

  21. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it is not. Like if you are fading to black going through the portal and you kill something with bleed you won’t get it.

  22. Hm ok cuz I just realized this after 4 months. Thank you.

  23. Do skills have a hidden decimal point cooldown? Or does it round up if you have enough cd reduction?

  24. How come I can never reply to a whisper? It always say that they are on a different server but I understand that. Then how in the world did they msg me?

  25. for me its just watching a 1.5 hour movie or 2 episodes of tv series

  26. Yeah I basically just watch a show while running these.

  27. Are warnings basically useless? They don’t do anything.

  28. I’m preparing to buy my first set of legendary books for 5x3. I’m planning to build a 5x3 re deathblade and tai scrapper in the future. I’ve been thinking about just buying 20 adren books because they are reasonable compared to grudge.

  29. I never got the pheon compensation they announced. Did they roll it out already?

  30. Is there a reason why a 100 quality preemptive +5 and ambush +3 spec earring sold for 100k? Or is this just RMT.

  31. So if you didn’t log in during the time you were cucked out of rewards…

  32. Uninstall armoury see if your dGpu works in your display adapters. Usually it’s just a armoury issue with optimized controls.

  33. or get a bamboo foldable bath mat! that's what i use. can't stand shower shoes

  34. How do you bring the mat back to your room? You just carry it?

  35. Hit 1475 about 2 weeks ago, have been putting clown off since I am scared asf. I barely am able to clear vykas hard without making a mistake, even then I buy carries even on main since I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

  36. I know it will be difficult, but is it clown that scares you, or are you afraid of random pugs being incredibly poor at communicating and putting you on blast for not being perfect at the game?

  37. I think it is the latter and yeah I will try to find a group. Thank you for your help!

  38. I feel you bro, I totally love Yoimiya's personality, but bow aa gameplay is ass

  39. I love to just turn off my brain with yoi and yelan and just sit there with a shield. Minimal effort.

  40. For an taijutsu alt is it fine if I just get major damage tripods at lvl 5 and then keep the rest at 4? I don’t think I’m losing too much dmg since the level 4s are mostly just smaller damage increases and qol.

  41. Is this the first ever 10/7 no negatives stone?

  42. Can confirm. The highest character I have is 1415, and getting into anything as a new player sucks. Which leads to match making which leads to a failed run.

  43. I’d say you should just hone more to at least 1445 ish I pushed my main all the way till 1460 before I stopped buying busses. At that point I was basically full relic too and it became significantly easier to join normal groups to gain experience.

  44. Is the reaper situation exaggerated?

  45. I spent $80 on card packs yesterday (3+1 package) and got 1 Sane Kakul Saydon lol. I feel embarrassed even typing that…like you said it is what it is. I tell myself the card xp is good so I can sleep at night.

  46. Holy shit cards are going to make me go insane.

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