1. Uy papi, yo ni me acordaba de esa maricada y hasta el sabor se me vino a la mente cuando los vi

  2. Como mentoladitos y dulces con pedacitos más mentoladitos una joya

  3. Llevo más de 15 años sin ver eso si es que no son más porque igual tampoco soy tan mayor

  4. There is a reason Sanii's sister is 0 she is the OG. They took her genes and cloned them to make her brothers. She also is generally less tanky compared to her siblings. Alot like Sanji before he unlocked his siblings body. She doesn't have that metal like body like her brothers 1-3. And Sanji is 4 despite being the 5th child.

  5. They're not clones of any kind, they are his own children

  6. Was just like a shining star that disappeared out of nowhere?, because the only things that came to my mind was either satellites, the ISS that is as bright as jupiter or just space junk sometimes they shine a lot

  7. If it was moving was probably a satellite, maybe the ISS

  8. I found your channel like two years ago but I decided to take chess seriously this year, and I always watch your videos and streams

  9. Hahahaha I mean, you can watch videos on your free time or while analizing your own games, and also I don't spend more than an hour every stream and I'm basically playing even and studying chess even while working so, I think I have everything covered

  10. Aprender los síntomas de un derrame y de un infarto

  11. Yo sabiendo eso me deje infartar porque tenia 17 y "estaba muy joven para tener un infarto" menos mal estoy aquí pa contarla jsjsjsjs

  12. Are you heading north? If you do and it's always there then probably it is, if not we'll, maybe is just a planet, most likely jupiter who has been for the Last year the most constant planet on the night sky, also fi that star never moves, then yes, is polatis

  13. When I walk that road I’m going west. I’m in the Midlands.

  14. Then is probably jupiter but that depends on what time was the photo taken

  15. Si quieres desahogarte te escucho bro, no estas solo

  16. I don't get it, translation please????

  17. It's Orion, also ist incomplete, you only got half of it on frame

  18. Well judging by direction only and the fact I don't know where you are I can just assume that is probably a planet or Sirius

  19. Probably Italy, it's the closest to the culture of my country I can find, also I like their food

  20. Tengo entendido que por colaborar con la justicia a esclarecer algunos crímenes se le redujo la sentencia a 23 años (los cuales se cumplían en diciembre), realmente no se que tan veraz sea la info pero pues en varias parte lo había leído

  21. Es impresionante ver a alguien coherente en estos threads

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