1. This rule was one of the most ridiculous loopholes I’ve ever heard of. I took advantage of it because it existed and was so blatantly a walk around. I’ve already applied for the SBR permit and frankly I can’t wait to put the same stock on it I have with my other AR guns.

  2. and enjoy never leaving your state with it right? You must realize not everyone is as excited as your because having to ask permission to go across state lines might be a pretty intrusive for those millions of people who do it daily

  3. Of course I recognize that people are unhappy about it. I still think it has always been a loophole that had no business actually existing in the first place. Just trash the brace I guess. Or actually use the brace as it is legally permitted.

  4. All very interesting now live in the area and have been familiar with the concrete one for decades before living near there....So from what I've read it's just an abandoned out dates shell that has no function? Guessing that what long distance calls back in the day were a part of?....Looks kind of spooky. Something for a Black Sabbath album cover..lol

  5. Is it really abandoned though? Seems like some upkeep is happening there.

  6. Alabama won’t get a good successor to Saban at first. No premium coach will want to try and follow Nick. Instead they’ll hop from a few in quick succession, probably guys with some sort of tie to the Saban dynasty. They’ll have some rough seasons which will lead them to then finally moving heaven and earth to get the best coach out there, and by then the best coach out there will be okay coming in as a potential savior as opposed to the guy that had to follow Nick Saban.

  7. Line up treatment with both a counselor and a psychiatrist. The counselor really helped me to work through how and why I’m feeling a certain way and how I can help myself with it all.

  8. Day 1 I’m robbing every pharmacy I can get to and taking everything. All the insulin, all the pain killers, all the antibiotics. Medicine will be a new currency. But the real thing that will suck about the collapse of society will be not having hot showers on demand, I’ll probably miss that the most.

  9. This was the beginning of my diagnosis. It was paralysis of the 4th optic nerve due to a lesion. Eventually caused more paralysis in my face and I ended up in stroke protocol at the emergency room.

  10. My hands and feet are cold all the time now. I sit at a desk with a portable radiator at my feet. It sort of works.

  11. Hey there, I have a question for you if you don’t mind me asking. I’m supposed to be starting Kesimpta in a couple of weeks (was denied Ocrevus), but I’m confused on how the delivery process works. I’m aware that Kesimpta needs to stay refrigerated in order to last and that if it hits room temperature for some reason, it will only be good for 7 days. If that is the case, then how does the medication arrive to people’s houses without hitting room temperature? Does it arrive in a cooler or something? How would that work for the beginning when you first start the medication, since you need to take 1 dose per week for the first 3 weeks?

  12. It is shipped over night in a cooler. It shows up very cold and all the ice packs have been still frozen in my case. It also has a color indication if it has gotten too warm. I’d imagine the cooler would be good for another 24 hours if some level of delay happened.

  13. Been on it just under a year. So far so good, I guess. Had a 6 mo follow up MRI and no new activity.

  14. My first dose knocked me on my ass. Real flu feeling. It has definitely got better since then and now when I take a dose I really don’t feel any side effects for the most part.

  15. Is there a way to register online? When I’ve tried looking this up the instructions were vague. I’d love to hear from someone that’s completed a NFA request.

  16. I’ve already sent the paperwork in. You do most of it online and then have to submit fingerprints via mail.

  17. You’ll miss the convenience and space.

  18. The MR2 went from Ferrari good looks to a cartoon car.

  19. Late 90s Mitsubishi Eclipse was a beautiful car, every one since then has been garbage.

  20. What does Nova Scotia have to do with any of this?

  21. I heard that Kirby actually likes the mid-afternoon games because it gives him more time with visiting recruits after the game is over. If it's a night game, he doesn't get any time with them. Not sure if that's 100% accurate, but it makes sense.

  22. I’ve heard Alumni isn’t crazy about night games too. Makes sense because most of them drive into and out of Athens on the same day.

  23. I’ve never been impressed with Smith and Wesson M&P but an optics wearing name brand pistol at $399 is smoking.

  24. They dont even have socks standard issue, and some of the rifles they're handing out can't even mount optics. Bad time to be a Russian soldier.

  25. It’s always been a bad time to be a Russian soldier.

  26. Get the Old Bay and fire up the cooker.

  27. Interesting. My 04 LJ frame is rust free so far.

  28. Yeah I have 209,000 miles on my 2003 TJR and the frame is still completely rust free.

  29. I’m on TRT, literally changed my life. No TRT would suck green donkey ass. No civil war please…

  30. Yeah, old guy (50) with previously undiagnosed, extremely severe sleep apnea. I gained a lot of weight 20 something years ago and probably lived with sleep apnea all that time. My Test levels were 150ish, had some ED, no energy, depressed, hated life. Levels are over 600 now, I started MMA, chasing the wife around like I’m 18 again. Dropping weight like a boss. No depression, physically my joints stopped hurting, I’m gaining muscle back that I thought was gone forever.

  31. Let’s tax every dollar over $999,999,999 at 100%

  32. It’s probably a coke oven. To make steel they need to make coke from coal. This looks like coke ovens I’ve seen in the past.

  33. I’m just not leaving my home. I’m most secure in it, have ammo, food, water, cover for months. I am not going out into the madness. Guns loaded, doors and windows covered and locked. Good luck trying to come and get me.

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