1. So male cats even when fixed still make some level of hormones so the urge to mount won’t vanish, but it will be a lot less. He will likely stop mounting her if you reprimand him and remove him everytime, but he is also likely to keep following her around. Cat colonies are a matriarchy, so he is just following the bosses lead.

  2. If you decide to get another adult cat I’d suggest a boy and to be sure that you have a couple extra days off to assist them transitioning. Cats in nature are a matriarchy, so females can sometimes be territorial, introductions for adult cats take a few days or a lot more depending. Many rescues have return periods in case your cat does not accept a new kitty.

  3. Absolutely. With my job I get a week off every month and taking an extra week would be easy. I didn't know about the matriarch thing tho thanks!

  4. Sure thing. It’s not something everyone knows and it’s not a hard rule, just common that female cats like to be the boss and don’t always get along. If you feel comfortable to get another, I’d say give it a go. You can even see if local rescue or shelters are looking for fosters if your not ready to commit to another cat but want to see how she will do and help another kitty even in the short term.

  5. Cats have been known to get pregnant at just 4months old. So get an appointment asap please your kitty is basically fully grown now

  6. My kitty is an inside only cat and her only sibling is neutered. I'm going to get her a appointment tho so don't worry

  7. Oh good. Kitten in rescues get fixed at 12-13weeks old. Many even lower price for cats over 6months cause they aren’t really kittens anymore and are harder to get adopted. Dogs are a whole other story and that’s where you hear all the things about waiting multiple cycles or whatever from.

  8. I have 3 cats. My general rule is if no one is making a sound (hissing, growling) then I let them continue. When it does get a little too heated, a stern "hey!" will usually break it up.

  9. Agree with my kitties I shout at them to “Be more gentle” lol

  10. She may be used to being vocal to get attention, and being in a new place still getting her bearings she may be calling out to see what happens.

  11. The breeder she came from said that most of her cats barely make any noise, but I guess that's always dependant on character.

  12. I don’t think you have to worry about closing her out your bedroom she will adjust she just needs to know that’s the rules. I have to put my fosters in a pop up playpen at night (too many permanent cats already sleeping in bed with me lol) and they get used to it after a day or so. She is adjusting hopefully she lets you get some sleep soon.

  13. Most likely with no audience she will be quiet. (But no promises cats can be nonsense sometimes)

  14. Thanks for the advice. The cat is around 3 years old. I feed her only wet food and on a strict schedule 3 times a day, she doesn’t chew dry food very well and it ends up being thrown up nearly whole.

  15. I mostly asked to check she’s past kitten teething. Do her gums look red/irritated? I’m just thinking the chewing up cardboard and puking it up is more of an active thing, versus just eating stuff and puking. So either it’s boredom or cat feels yucky (hairball, teeth issue, hunger).

  16. Only had her for a year so not sure how she was when she was a kitten. I’ll try to check her teeth but she is very squirmy and hard to do stuff like that with

  17. She would have our grown teething that’s just a kitten thing when they are growing.

  18. I think the fact your concerned about this before hand is good sign. Treats or scheduled feeding can help you bond and don’t forget cats sleep Most of the time, so make the hours your with them count and they will snooze the rest

  19. People I know who do TNR swear by canned mackerel and covering the trap with a towel or blanket.

  20. One thing is Base Camp, each cat needs there specific safe place, then in shared spaces make sure there are lots of vertical options like cat tree or shelves so cat can interact from distance if they want.

  21. Cat A is insecure about his territory. He can’t get to cat outside so Cat B gets the brunt of his frustration. It lasts so long because he doesn’t really feel satisfied by beating up his brother.

  22. Apart from the apparent, it is superbly weird to me that someone born in 2004 is 18 now.

  23. What kind of insane freak picks option 3?

  24. I didn’t but I could see an argument being made it would go “something something end of Russian Civil War” that’s it though

  25. are they saying that unironically? jesus christ, I couldn't imagine being a insecure teen learning about politics and seeing people on the left calling for an actual white genocide. do internet leftist just have no care for whether they win, or is being a progressive just a personality trait?

  26. Are teens the target audience for leftist? Sure the youth vote is important but it isn’t dependable, if we are aiming for teens we will always loose the right is happy to lie to them and stroke their egos we simply can’t complete

  27. Ok have you done the thing where you rub a dirty tshirt (so it smells like you) on her then rub on him? My cat gets angry everytime one of the other cats comes home from the vet, and I have to do this trick. Makes them smell like him and me and he is more accepting begrudgingly.

  28. I haven’t tried this- well not really. We brought his blanket into our bed for a few nights and let her sleep with it- then returned it to him. But I haven’t intentionally done the wiping.

  29. Hard to say cats noses are so different from our own. But the intentionally rubbing might help make him smell more like her so maybe she won’t hate him so dang much.

  30. What kind of food are you feeding? How old is your cat?

  31. I don't As I said , I don't give any weight to argument of "think about stupid children"

  32. Depends on the porn. Like there is some seriously messed up stuff out there. Kids seeing sexual activity as a one off isn’t huge deal but them seeking it out would be.

  33. Hardcore anal isn’t my concern it’s when they get into stuff like degradation, Slave play, the more complex sides of BDSM. Also as a kid why are they seeking porn? Like a teen I get but little kids? They should be having fun being kids plenty of time to be horny later.

  34. The worry will be cat whose been inside it’s whole life will be scared and run off and not have the skills to find it’s way back like a cat that has gone outside will.

  35. Liberals probably not, they don't care about Vaush. Tankies maybe though, they honestly hate Vaush more than Sargon does somehow.

  36. Interesting and would make more sense for the young demographic of discord Im guessing

  37. Discord skews younger than other platforms so I have a hard time picturing a bunch rightoids running around reporting but I’ll believe you.

  38. Laura Bush just looked like a mom or a 3rd grade teacher.

  39. You also forgot Barbara Bush but she just looked like an older Laura.

  40. I agree! The Shoe defense Squad is gonna jump all over you for saying so though, and I went as soft as I could cause I’m tired of them.

  41. You don’t have to control even a majority of instances, if you control enough of the largest and most active ones you have gained control of Bandwidth and users. Bandwidth and users are finite (vast but not endless), and are valuable resources, they will be targeted by bad actors.

  42. Your the one who can’t imagine how an international deregulated platform would be vulnerable to espionage. I can’t help you if you can’t see the forest for the trees

  43. Unfortunately even with a Warnock win, they still need to cater some to Sinema and Manchin. Its not like we have a 55 or 60 senate majority where we could just ignore both of them and sacrifice their two votes. I don’t blame Democrats for just putting up with her and trying to gain a more solid majority in 2024. The senate is still just too narrow. Wish us better luck in 2024 I guess.

  44. It’s one thing to put up with her it’s another to actively empower and reward bad behavior. Committee seats should be bare minimum for leaving the party.

  45. No one is trying to “tone police”, I am pointing out the futility & foolishness of trying to convince others of your ideas (or even just putting them out there) by spreading them in a hostile, antagonistic way. At that point you are just speaking to the choir. And in this case, the choir doesn’t have much power.

  46. If men or women aren’t willing to have conversations about privilege they are running away and can’t be talked to anyway. I don’t deny Female privilege is a thing! I would have a conversation about it with someone if I believed them to be good faith, this is the internet good faith is not the given it has to be sought and verified.

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