Haunted hospice?

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  1. Generally a tattoo artist will draw the design for you, so look around at local artists and see if any of their styles are what you want. As for actual ideas I think the shoe is great.

  2. Honestly I used to just be completely skeptical of all things ufo and alien. A combination of having legit paranormal experiences and doing extensive research into ufos really changed my mind on the matter. I came to this sub because I was genuinely curious as to what people have experienced, but also because the environment here is so open and welcoming. I understand other places wanting to be super critical of all incidents involving high strangeness, and I think it's really beneficial when discussing ufos, but when it comes to abductions? What proof do people expect there to be? Do you think experiencers get like, a receipt afterwards? I would be quick to feel the same way if I hadn't had my interactions with the paranormal, but I am much more inclined to have an open mind to the impossible, because to many people my story is impossible too.

  3. I'm planning on dressing up like JJ, I'm just gonna do a UFO hat with the banners hanging out of the "mouth", and I'm gonna make little versions of Jupe, some of the people, and the horses out of felt and have them in the banners. Stuff like that can distinguish it from a normal flying saucer. Or maybe you can wear a literal Jean jacket with it.

  4. I don't think the Hellier crew is religious, I could be remembering wrong but I think the farthest any of them go is like witchy occult stuff. But I feel your pain, it's frustrating even in some of these reddit communities, people will point fingers and scream about demonic entities when like, a door opened and closed.

  5. Human life is 100% more important than animal life. If you think the opposite is true, you’re disconnected from one of the most important aspects of humanity. This movie is about exploitation of humans and animals. I don’t support either. However, when an animal is killing human life, that animal must be destroyed.

  6. Human life is not intrinsically more important than animal life, it's just more important to other humans. And that's fine, I agree with you on your point that it's okay to kill an animal that has killed a lot of people, However I think that your equating your morals to fact. Nature doesn't care if we die, only we do, we assign this importance to ourselves. But if your already implying that and I missed it then ignore me 😅

  7. For the posters sympathizing with the poor, used, abused, put-upon and bullied JJ,a few questions:

  8. It's just a matter of perspective. People are able to empathize with JJ simply because from its point of view, it's literally just an animal trying to survive. And from the human perspective? We're just trying to survive. To me, yeah my family is more then "yummy snacks" and I would be devastated if a giant sand dollar ate them, but if I'm putting myself in JJs place? Bro it's dinner time.

  9. They hosted a small comic convention where the jc penny's used to be, I kinda hope they can refurbish the whole building and maybe use it as a convention center. Saw someone say housing though and that would great too, I just really hope they do something with it so it's not just sitting there beung slowly dissolved by black mold and water damage.

  10. For any one wondering the song is Obeah man by exuma. I was so stoked to hear this song in the theaters, just another reason why I love this film so much.

  11. Yeah I totally agree. For me, knowing exactly which god or demon the horned dude is, and stuff like that in general won't enhance my viewing experience in the slightest. I understand people getting interested in the lore, but I'm with you in how I generally view the show personally.

  12. To be honest I was underwhelmed leaving the theater-I’d become used to the third act being the “scariest” in most horror film and the big twist being in the third act. But then an hour later all those scenes decided to set up shop and move into my head rent free and I began to ponder how it was that I found JJ’s unraveling defense to be absolutely beautiful while still being scared, and I began to compare the star lasso experience to Hitchcock’s psycho-revealing the twist and killing her off in the middle as well as comparing the title cards to Tarantino’s pulp Fiction, and I realized this was so much more than a horror film-it was action, comedy, drama, horror and an old western all rolled up into one crazy spectacle-and I found myself on this subreddit daily. I remember seeing the conjuring and being absolutely terrified by it but not even thinking about it a half hour after it ended. And I definitely was not checking the horror subreddit for new analysis on the conjuring daily after I saw that film.

  13. Yeah I felt a similar way, I wasn't sure what to think immediately after leaving the theaters, but as the days went by and I read and talked about it more and more, the more I liked it. If a film can continue to entertain me for weeks after leaving the theaters I consider that a huge success 🙌

  14. I have empathy for the vikings, but I felt they "deserved it " not even because of any moral reasons like them having slaves but just the fact they saw the slaughter happening around them and thought, "Yeah, I think me and my toddler can take these guys." Obviosuly I'm exaggerating a bit it just seems like common sense. I feel like good warriors would know when to retreat, but when your willing to risk your whole village getting killed, sometimes your whole village gets killed 🤷

  15. I've been lucky enough to have been around other people when panormal events occured. It helps rule out imagination to have others corroborate exactly what went down.

  16. As much as I like this theory, it just doesn't make sense why an angel would be eating people. Angels are overall good and reside in Heaven for the most part. Unless it's a fallen angel that somehow didn't change it's (Biblical)appearance at all?

  17. I don't know if they eat any people in the bible but angels do kill people, passover angel killed like exclusively babies and children. Not being a hater but they were intense.

  18. Okay I'm not one for those people who calls everything a demon because It's always seemed a little regressive to me, but only a demon could do something as despicable as breaking a DS 😭 all jokes aside tho that sounds pretty unsettling, not that I try to dismiss peoples stories but generally when people talk about paranormal events they go purely off vibes, but this is legitimate physical activity. If you don't mind, I'm curious about the missing stuff and the CDs.

  19. Haha, it is mainly random things really. Around 2015 time I had rented a trombone for a school music club and ensured that I kept the mouthpiece with the trombone at all times, yet it just vanished one evening despite no one touching it. This could be a case of it falling or something but it has happened with so many things, guitars having strings ripped off, small toys disappearing, and things moving place. I owned a fair amount of CDs from various artists which I stored in a large open shelf. These were rarely touched by anyone apart from me so I doubt anyone would go in there are leave scratches on almost 30 CDs. The strange part is that this has happened to game discs, movies etc over the course of the time I lived there. No one had any idea what had done this and often blamed me, which puzzled me even more, but it is strange that an entity chose to cause damage and disruption which really creeps me out.

  20. Man that sucks, it's infinitely frustrating to have your stuff destroyed then everyone blames it on you. Glad you were able to move away from all that. I don't have much to add in terms of determining the cause or culprit, but whatever it was seems conscious enough to target your belongings and tangible enough to break them, so that's pretty terrifying 😭

  21. I think you should do whatever you feel is going to help you grieve properly, and if you feel contacting her would help I would attempt it, though I cannot promise results. You should just be careful through which method it's done, most people would probably advise against a ouiji board because it's basically ghost omegle and any random spirit could claim to be your sister. I would probably go through a legitimate medium, but even with that you have to be very careful in who you pick and do a lot of research because many are scammers who will take advantage of you. I'm very sorry for your loss, I wish I had more advice and I hope your able to heal.

  22. I had almost hung it all up until a few years ago when I saw a documentary called Hellier which brought so many undeniable synchronicities into my life that the flame was reignited. The syncs were happening not only while watching the show, but as I started paying attention, they intensified in other areas of my life. This can often be described by the reticular activating system in the brain which is basically like- hey if you’re looking for it you’ll find it, and you’ll be blind to a practical explanation- I acknowledge this. But there have been some which are just too damn weird. I’ll give one example:

  23. Glad to see another Hellier fan! I actually found the series because I met one of the people who was a part of it and he recommended it to me. Being able to talk to him in real life and hear his explanation of synchronicity and his ideas about the unifying factors of the paranormal definitely gave me a new perspective on it all.

  24. Oh cool so you didn’t have an annoying friend like me trying to get you to watch it to see if you’ll have syncs 😅 Which member of the crew did you meet? Was it at a convention or something?

  25. I met Tyler strand, I actually know him cause we lived near each other and were introduced through a friend. He's a really nice person and had a lot of interesting stories and theories, definitely glad I found hellier through him

  26. I was like, 7, and my mom was driving me home from school. I guess I had gotten into a fight with a boy or something, which was not uncommon for me, and I was really angry about it. Whenever I would tell adults how much I hated the opposite sex they would always respond with, "oh but you'll end up marrying a boy one day." So in my fit of rage I asked my mom if girls were allowed to marry other girls instead of boys, and she gave a vague explanation of homosexuality. At the time I thought to my self, yeah I'm just gonna do that instead. Legend has it I'm still a lesbian to this very day.

  27. I don't want to sound rude or make assumptions, as its entirely possible this could be an entity, but what you're describing could also very well be a hallucination. Is there any way you are able to discern that its a spirit?

  28. I’m not sure but it was every time we went and vented so it was a good handful of times.

  29. that's definitely creepy, I'm glad stuff died down though.

  30. Dunkin harbors an odd energy, not surprised it can manifest negative events. Do you remember how many times it happened?

  31. If you were able to move it probably wasn’t sleep paralysis. How long was the figure standing over you?

  32. Lol sorry, I mean for how long did it stand over you, was it just for a few seconds or was it there for awhile.

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