1. 😔 And I’d probably be the one signing up, because it sounds sick af, I could make money, and maybe it could be like Dancing With the Stars where I learn to juggle knives after a hand injury to impress the judges and make it to the final round…

  2. I feel like this is an interesting idea bc it’s like, okay what’s the worst that could happen? I hurt myself, but it’s a show and maybe I’ll get money and some benefit. But then like, idk at some point a knife ends up in the eye of some rando bystander and they end up being like, Taylor Swift, and their entire fandom goes after me as well as their legal team.

  3. 😭🤚 I can’t believe you shanked guest star Taylor Swift when you tried juggling to the rhythm of “Wildest Dreams”, a moment only overshadowed by the guy who can’t have children after attempting a double pass under the leg move.

  4. This is FUCKED. Jesus Christ I hope this person can find real help and healing.

  5. It looks fantastic. When your baby is older I’m sure she’ll appreciate all this 💚

  6. Boob is giving “a man made this.” But the hair is lovely. There’s a good sense of weight to it so it reads as wet really well.

  7. It’s weird how she’s condescending to both non-Christian women and Christian women who I’m assuming is who she thinks will be buying her bullshit

  8. I feel like we can’t really definitively say something is “gaslighting” unless we know the perpetrators motives (or if they show evidence of being manipulative) Editing is manipulative too so maybe the SHOW is gaslighting US. oooooooo

  9. There’s no way a person can expect/ conceptualize these situations that the show wants to put them through. Idk who goes on a dating show expecting they’re gonna get screamed at, fall in love, go through giant fights, etc. producers want it, but contestants have to deal with it.

  10. Maybe if they did an ounce of research on the show they'd know what they were getting into? They're adults. They're paid to be on this show. They are all on it for clout, and if love comes along that's great. We don't need to treat these people with kid gloves.

  11. Either way, what I said is true: these contestants are put in traumatic and dangerous situations. Zay ~may or may not ~ have been triggered into an eating disorder. Colleen ~may or may not~ be in an abusive situation.

  12. Fuck yes. Good on us. I want my baby sister to have more rights then our grandparents did.

  13. I found this one on FB too and reposted it and both my ex’s liked it. Is that a red flag?

  14. This is such a cute and thoughtful idea! I’m sure your gf will love just that you took her ideas seriously. Imo I think the madswords and swordskingdom ones are good options!

  15. I started learning in 2020 (when I was like 23). I’ve already improved so much in the past two years just through trial and error, YouTube tutorials, some random books I’ve found. Sewing takes a lot of patience with //yourself// and imo that’s super important to practice! Just go for it! You’re gonna mess up and be wrong a lot, but when you have those moments of “oh I get it” it’s super encouraging!

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