1. Impressive. I'd love to try kayaking in the snow sometime. How was the water temperature?

  2. Just getting into astrophotography and moving to Columbus officially on Dec 1st.

  3. We have some awesome cloudless nights during the winter here. You will get great shots.

  4. How happy was your neighbor when you put up that fence?

  5. Wow! Just wow! Right place perfect time. Which water?

  6. Rob Portman is and always has been a piece of shit. Fuck him.

  7. I haven't had the chance to make it down there yet. One of my favorite lakes in the state. Thank you for the pics!

  8. The colors peak this week. I’d encourage you to try visiting the coming weekend!

  9. 9-5 are your only trails on that entire route. Watch for loads of traffic.

  10. The fuck if it is OP please send the location and I will get those painted back to green. I’m pro summer

  11. A little out of my way so thanks for sharing your photos

  12. My buddies are going hunting today how many do you want?

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