1. At the vet with my sick kitty waiting while they evaluate him. I think he has diabetes but you never really know...

  2. Faint hope that maybe here i can gather help for my goal somehow

  3. The captions of peoples’ wiener (dog) pics are better than anywhere else I’ve been.

  4. Same tbh but maybe ask questions or compliment someone and start from there?

  5. I haven't tried the compliment method, so maybe it'll work lol

  6. Shouldn’t it be my 6 siblings and I? Other than that, it’s really good

  7. It's written in the point of view of Hope, and the 7 siblings would be the 7 deadly sins.

  8. This was uncharacteristically good for this sub, but when i skimmed over and read zeus i thought it was gonna be kronos lmao

  9. How do you think life started? Or the world? Or how we came to be... Or how we create and figure really hard shit out...

  10. Why do people wear masks in the car alone? Or with their immediate family?

  11. Honestly just used to having masks on probably or paranoia 👀

  12. Hi I just saw this and I'm also a 3rd year poly sci major with no friends 🙂 (that's probably cuz I'm a commuter) but I'm down to hang out and explore campus with ya'll if you guys wanna make a group or somethinggg :))

  13. I once entered my dog peaches into a dog competition. He won 27th place

  14. I procrastinated on sending in college apps. It was partially intentional: I had two schools I had a reason to apply to, big state school and small private school. I clicked much more with private, my dad loved the idea of me going to the state school, which I just hadn’t liked the feel of, and I was worried he’d pressure me to go to the one I didn’t want to if I got into both. Wound up finally deciding to go apply…two weeks past the deadline, I had misremembered.

  15. Laundry, I took a shower before work and had no clean clothes to put on at all like zero

  16. I remember watching it in class, and then actually liking it lol. There was even this old game on it that I played once.

  17. Once. My husband wanted to rent it, I thought it sounded a bit boring (it’s about a busker and a flower seller who are musicians) but he convinced me.

  18. Oo I haven't heard of this one, i'll add it to my list

  19. Having a vast imagination and actually using it lol

  20. The list is endless, but includes: floor, chairs, tables, books, laptops, phones, dishes, and clothes.

  21. Anything and everything that isn't a bed lol

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