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  1. Gimmick move that prevents any sort of actual flow/rhythm to the fight vs masterpiece*

  2. I rage every time I face her but waterfowl is pretty integral to the flow of her fight. You gotta give her space once you’ve chunked her a bit

  3. People saying we are lucky to face City on an off year while they have a goal machine like this.

  4. What do you know about Europe? Other than getting smacked by Bayern

  5. Op has never watched college basketball. Her being female is completely irrelevant and this happens at ever sports function ever. What should the other fans do, acknowledge her skill? Lmao

  6. The people claiming it was a suicide vest should probably realize that she didn’t die. Also Scarlet Rot goddess Malenia never made an appearance against Radahn just the bloom

  7. Looks great. What’s the rgb for the lights? Hard to get a good amber hue like that.

  8. My biggest achievement in this game is beating it with this weapon while the scaling was still broken and it was a glorified toothpick. That being said, the AoW does hella poise damage and is absolutely filthy looking.

  9. Oh my god this is so funny. Thought he just fell back but looks like he started celebrating so fast he slipped and just rolled with it. Looks like me trying to get out of bed after leg day.

  10. Probably wish your agent told you about a small north London squad, with a habit of developing young superstars, who were interested in you, eh Vlaho?

  11. White people twitter aka democrat circlejerk. Why the fuck does this shit get recommended to me.

  12. Saka is actually one of the best players in the world right now. Starboy just upper 90’d England’s starting keeper with his weak foot.

  13. Just clutched Radahn no summons or cheese and this feels like my reward.

  14. Considering the friendly beef between engineers, architects, and construction workers, I thought this was kinda funny.

  15. I think as his team leader kakashi should have been there to support Naruto, but not that big of a deal.

  16. He whistled around 96 didn’t he? It was after like 3 shit crosses. Game was done and dusted

  17. Interesting how most people attribute this win to Arsenal grinding out a tight victory rather than yet another game where they have not been at their best. I absolutely think Arsenal deserved the win here, but in my opinion It is another game where we haven't seen the best out of Arsenal. The last time they really impressed was against United I believe

  18. I think you’re right. We look a bit lethargic. We seem the clearly better team but are a bit lacking. Hopefully it’s just simply a little fatigue. Jesus coming back and Partey being healthy may see a return to our previous form.

  19. May be controversial, but imma just point out that being xenophobic isn’t helping them out in this regard.

  20. I hate the liberal circlejerk this sub has become, but this is one of the grossest tweets I’ve seen. Fuck this dude full stop.

  21. Eddie has been completely fine as a backup striker and turning on him now is way too unforgiving.

  22. Idk why you are being downvoted. The police in America are out of control. That should be a bipartisan statement. One side has a boner for fascism these days.

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