1. Is their any new noise or you’re just referring to the engine noise in general? The noise i hear is just your fuel injectors but over video it’s hard to pin point exactly where it’s coming from. As far as i can tell you have no BAD noises, just noises.

  2. Not really new noise. Just the engine in general appeared louder then usual. Other people are telling me the injectors are like that so it’s normal I suppose

  3. As per your recollection, did it sound louder this time from previous startup or this is your first time noticing it?

  4. The car has made that type of noise since I bought it but I just feel recently it has been a bit louder. I could be wrong.

  5. Normally… it’s loud on startup especially when you have the hood up. Under normal conditions when the RPM regulates itself, should be around 800rpm at standstill or park. Then it should sound quiet and purring with the hood down. If it’s still loud then have it checked.

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