1. I experienced this last month. It was without a doubt the worst I've felt mentally in my entire adult life. And it was absolutely terrifying. I also considered admission into a hospital because I genuinely thought that I was losing my mind and it would never ever end. I'm so sorry you're going through the same. It did eventually end, but I feel like I have some serious residual trauma from experiencing that for like nine days straight. And now I'm just scared it'll happen again in a few days when I'm set to begin another PMDD cycle.

  2. I relate to every word of your comment. I just came out of the worst cycle of my adult life. I had a load of life stuff happen at the worst possible time. Now that I’m out of the worst week, but I am so scared for the next cycle, and every other one after that.

  3. This sounds like hell. So sorry that they are ganging up on you like that and sorry for your loss. You didn’t go too far at all. Sounds like they’ve been purposely trying to grind you down for a while.

  4. Have you gotten your hormones tested? I found out a lot of my pmdd symptoms were coming from having pretty low progesterone. taking progesterone pills has helped me.

  5. I haven’t but I would like to have this done. Is this something you were able to order online or did the doctor have to do this? Was it a blood test? I have a huge phobia of blood tests 😖

  6. I used Everlywell’s home test. It was a fingerprick test.

  7. When I'm creeped out, I tear up. Wait, does this not happen to anyone else? There's no sadness involved, tears just start rapidly falling from my eyes lol

  8. Not even remotely similar but when it’s really bright outside, I sneeze. Does anyone else get that ? 😂. I never realised other people did not get this until discussing it with my partner. I thought it was universal.

  9. I was all about this a few years ago - but honestly I think the articles are a little hyperbolic compared to what Avi said in long form interviews.

  10. Do you mean the guy with the weird beard and crazy hair? I envision him saying that

  11. I’ve just been reading The God Equation - The Quest for a Theory of Everything, by Michio Kaku. It’s a fascinating book with a lot of interesting research on this topic. And he’s very good at explaining things in a way that is digestible.

  12. I hope the lil fella is ok and didn’t get run over 🥺🥺😓

  13. I have two. One of them still gives me chills. (my english is not perfect)

  14. Your first story is fascinating because it reminds me a lot of my own weird story. I shared it once on.

  15. Mallworld and airport/hotel world are a constant for me but very recently boardwalk works has been popping up more and more frequently. I couldn’t believe it when someone else mentioned boardwalk work because I know I dreamt it before reading about it. So so so weird

  16. I’m so sorry to hear that. I always downvote those who go there to cast doubt on others experiences.

  17. You own cows?? That's so neat. I truly love cows so much, and I don't mean for food, either.

  18. They are such beautiful animals and do not deserve the abuse they are bred for forced to endure 😣

  19. Did you just copy and paste this directly from

  20. Um, I dreamed that I was sitting in an sofa chair, infront of me was a glass table and another sofa chair. And felt like i was sitting there before but came here because of something to my right (was going to turn and see but I woke up). 2 weeks later Me and my family went to a city we've never been to (or at least I heven't) and were guests at a familiar's house, that's where I saw the image. Was sitting in a sofa chair then decided to move across to grab some candy from a bowl. I slowly looked foward and saw exactly a still image from my dream.

  21. Shorthand/slang for "Explain (it to me) Like I'm 5 (years old)."

  22. Thanks - I know what it means, I just don’t understand the context of it in that instance.

  23. Oh, ok -- in this context, simply explain what happened to the disappeared duo in as simple terms as possible. I was waxing ironic -- "explain the impossible" being, itself, an impossibility.

  24. You and I define "data" differently. I have not seen a single piece of incontrovertable evidence. I have heard lots and lots of accounts from unreliable witnesses. From a skeptic's point of view, all witnesses are unreliable.

  25. Out of interest, you just said “from a skeptics point of view, all witnesses are unreliable”.

  26. No, it’s always the human beings who traffic them out of their natural habitat and sell them, murder them and eat them, actually.

  27. I know the 45th Parallel did an episode on it years ago, which kinda sounded similar in tone to Red Web sometimes.

  28. I think I remembered that it could have been the Why Files on YouTube that I’m getting mixed up with 🤔

  29. Is it possibly a different podcast that covered it? I had one of those things happen to me when they covered MK Ultra because Cult Podcast covered it a few years ago and I had just listened to that episode and misremembered it as Red Web already doing it

  30. It’s the only logical explanation, but I can’t think what other one it could be. I vividly (mis)remember Trevor and Fredo talking about it because I remember thinking that I’d just found out about the mystery elsewhere like a week before.

  31. People report seeing owls just before they have UFO experiences.

  32. Yes because owls are active at night… nothing more to that.

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