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  1. To be fair though, it would also be quite a bit less attractive to many. It’s the stupid binary nature of our current politics.

  2. How many voters only vote for the Democratic party because of their pro gun control positions vs how many voters specifically do not vote them because of it who otherwise would?

  3. Well I'm glad there weren't any crazies before the 2020 election. /s

  4. This rise of social media and online echo chambers has allowed crazies to meet up and exchange ideas. The madness is being distilled down into a more pure form.

  5. The older I've gotten the more and more I've come to realize we're all capable of crazy. We may say they are the crazy ones because they do stuff that makes no sense to me. In order for one to be crazy another must not be crazy. Crazy is a judgement based on expectations. This is not to say that I do not call anyone crazy, but I am also not appalled when I am the one who is called crazy.

  6. Obviously would be weak against piercing weapons and bleed effects.

  7. I hate to do this, but you mean "criminals with guns". An inanimate object can't be a criminal.

  8. "Criminal acts BY guns", implying the gun did the acting as opposed to the person holding it.

  9. By bad. I now have to hand over my grammar nazi card. I should have said - killed by criminal acts with guns. You are correct

  10. This is everywhere in the US. The only thing that makes a blue state from a red state is the proportion of it's population in cities/suburbs.

  11. Maine is the closest exception I can think of. Even the rural areas of the southern part of the state are liberal. It gets more conservative the more north you go.

  12. How Russia is able to possess operational nuclear weapons baffles me.

  13. It shouldn’t even be about accommodation. Professors shouldn’t have totalitarian control over their room, their job is to teach not control the behavior of tuition paying adults.

  14. It’s ultimately up to the university what rules it sets, just like any other business. If the university says the teachers have discretion over mask policies, then they do. If you don’t like it take your tuition money elsewhere.

  15. A university is not a business, if you are attending a for profit university you are being scammed

  16. Universities are regulated non profit businesses. Unlike a public school they are not obligated to educate you, they get to set the rules for being admitted, attending and graduating. Apart for legally protected reasons they can set the rules.

  17. I really didn't like Apple but the version mini of the IPhones is all I need, in android we haven't anything like this

  18. I love my iPhone mini. Too bad it’s been discontinued in iPhone14 due to poor sales. Apparently people who prefer smaller phones aren’t as common

  19. Can you elaborate? I'm not sure what you mean by it operates like Google Ads.

  20. He likely means that this registry won't just contain gun owners, but addresses of anyone who has been interested enough to buy a gun and had a NICS come back denied. Similar I guess to how marketing companies track what products you might be interested in but haven't actually bought.

  21. It took until my third play through to realise the gatekeeper was stealing my runes in stromveil castle.

  22. that's very interesting! are they sterile from this syndrome or not?

  23. One bridge helps a lot more people than one apt building

  24. I hope that bridge isn’t for cars, because that’s another problem.

  25. About how long do you estimate this took you to draw? It would drive me crazy worrying about drawing a line that wasn't in the right perspective. Very cool.

  26. But you’re forgetting that suppressors were used by villains in ‘80s movies.

  27. Most non gun owners aquire all their firearm knowledge from movies, tv or video games and for whatever reason assume the information is accurate.

  28. If he gets arrested, I’d donate to a legal defense fund for him.

  29. You mean when. The question will be if the DA files charges if he refuses a plea deal and knows he plans to fight this.

  30. Well, maybe the DA’s/NY learned their lesson from Bruen and don’t want to push the issue and lose again.

  31. Standard practice. Charge someone with a likely unconstitutional firearm offense and another crime...offer plea to drop the weapons charge for a guilty plea. Take the afternoon off because your busy job as a DA is over.

  32. I prefer not counting incidents resulting from illicit activities. That way the number active shooter incidents isn't inflated.

  33. What about incidents from illicit activities that spill over into involving bystanders or 3rd parties? It gets complicated quickly.

  34. So does a gang shooting resulting from a drug deal gone bad that taking place in a public area with bystanders count as an active shooter or not?

  35. Soooo..... proof that any compromise will turn into "a loophole" that needs to be closed?

  36. For all intents and purposes private ownership of automatic firearms is already prohibited. They shouldn't be but that is another matter. This clip is basically him saying he is going to do something that is already done. The title of this thread is misleading at best.

  37. His verbiage is misleading. The whole democratic party has started calling ar15s assault rifles.

  38. Well then, I can't keep things straight if people keep changing what words mean.

  39. Harder to tell if they just have sensory overload. Can't stand when I pet my cat and get bit without warning lol

  40. Hopefully they are just play bites. Cat bites are more dangerous than dog bites due to the risk of infection.

  41. Can Japan have a standing army or only a PDF? I forget how that works. In practice I'm pretty sure USA is big brother with a bat if something happens

  42. Japan isn't "allowed" because it is in their own constitution, which they have the unilateral ability to change at this point. They have been talking about changing this for the last decade or so. They haven't done so because of fears about Chinas reaction.

  43. ...why do you think there is little domestic support? I think you misread what I wrote.

  44. Literally no reason to require differential equations for computer science majors. I took it and all the EE classes because I was a Computer Engineering Major but once I decided that I like software and not hardware I switched over and it literally was pointless to learn that bullshit if you want to write software.

  45. Literally no reasons...unless you want to work in fintech, or an engineering company...or data modeling, machine learning...

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