1. And here's me still building on exposed foundations with no walls. Very nice indeed :)

  2. Why are you flying such a cheap shit that doesn’t even have an OAT Sensor built in with the G5? THAT will kill you. Or the wings falling off.

  3. I mean i got my ppl in a 150 from 69’ with only a vor

  4. 2020 the Sequel? So, they're going to lose again?

  5. As an audio engineer why the fuck do you hate wav

  6. At least you’re not one of those “bmblb is queerbait and forced” people else id have to find The Essay

  7. i dont know what niche side of twitter or smth that is from, but for all i care those do seem to be words!

  8. Its tumblr and twitter and its from a show called Rwby and its made by the same people as Red Vs Blue

  9. Hmm, interesting. The artstyle almost reminds me of Titanfall for some reason.

  10. 1: otherkin is not the same as furry, meaning “sheeple” isnt a deragatory exclusionary statement


  12. That thought honestly scares the hell out of me. I know you're not wrong though. The future worries me.

  13. Heres the thing, if we were able to get legalized once, we can always do it again

  14. True, but our rights should be respected to begin with. It's 2023 and people still make such a big deal about same sex couples or interracial couples. It just seems immature and stupid to me to make such a big fuss about it. I firmly believe that if nobody is being harmed, just leave them alone.

  15. Its a long long fight and it will be logn and unending forever. Sometimes you lose a step and sometimes you gain a step. We beat slavery in the United States, but everyone paniced when they seceded from the union first. We beat nazi germany, but not before they took so many lives.

  16. Anyone else getting flashbacks to the Sierra Madre in Fallout New Vegas?

  17. The FUCK is the point of a milf if she does what you say????

  18. She will listen to you, not do what you say. Huge difference.

  19. Dont worry my parents are similar to these people and they’re in their 50s

  20. Bro tf you on? Of course it’s still not allowed. It’s just that YouTube won’t give a shit.

  21. This is how every “military grade” thing works

  22. “They call it paradise, I don't know why. You call someplace paradise, Kiss it goodbye”

  23. I don't know because I only have sex by myself on a plane. I call it the "one eyed mile high club."

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